10 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 10 Day Challenge!
10 Days that can change your marriage forever!


The 10 Day challenge is all about turning up the heat in your marriage! We have discovered when a couple intentionally grows the sexual intimacy in their marriage some amazing changes happen.
Readers have seen their marriages go from blah to good and good to great!  No matter where your marriage is, 10 days of sexual intimacy will draw you closer together!

The 2014 [fergcorp_cdt] Visit 10 Day Challenge – 2014 to Join in and follow along!

Still Not Convinced?

Check out our video, Top Ten Reasons you should give the 10 Day Challenge a Try!

read this post to get more ideas, information and start planning your own 10 Day Challenge:

Return of the 10 Day Challenge 

The First Challenge: Getting Your Spouse On Board

Maybe your rip-roaring-ready to go, but you doubt you can convince your spouse. Read these posts for some ideas how to get them excited too!

10 Ways to Get Your Husband Excited About The 10 Day Sex Challenge

Choose Your Path to the 10 Day Challenge 

Ready – Set – Not Just Yet!

You want to make the most of this amazing experience, so make sure to take a little preparation time first! Read these to make sure you both are on the same page!

10 Day Challenge Pre-Game Rules

10 Day Challenge Prep and Primping

Get Your Motor Runnin

On Your Mark… 

Visit Tips from past 10 Day Challenges

Experience has told us that 10 days of sex is harder then it sounds! Follow along with each day’s post to find encouragement and ideas to keep you growing together! Each day also challenges not only your sexual intimacy but your spiritual intimacy too, giving you a passage of Scripture to read together!


Day 1 – Make it Her Way…

Day 2- Sexual Banter

Day 3- Kissing Day

Day 4- Out of the Box

Day 5- Over the Wall

Day 6- Focus On Pleasing Him

Day 7- Spice It Up!

Day 8- Start Setting the Mood

Day 9- Think About It All Day Long

Day 10- The Most Intimate Possible

Day 11- Rest* bonus day of rest after your adventure!


Tip #1 :  Prayer

Tip #2:   Spruce up your bedroom

Tip #3:   Get ready for hump day

Tip #4:   Whatcha Wearing?

Tip #5:   Communication is the Key…

Climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit

I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste

The Case of the Extra Time

Screw the Housework

Whatcha Wearing . . . To Bed??

Time To Reflect

Now that you have had an amazing experience together don’t allow life to take you back to the previous normal! Read these posts for ideas to keep the momentum going!

Forward Momentum (2012)

Where Has All The Sex Gone? (2012)

Finish Line (2011)

Negatives of the 10-Day Challenge ??!?!?! (2011) -A last word for those who did the challenge and those who wish they had

 We hope you enjoyed the 10 Day Challenge!

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