Tip #2 – 10 Day Challenge

Pre-Challenge Tip #2: Spruce up your bedroom . . . or maybe just clean it up!

Kate Says:

For all the wives out there . . .

As you prepare for the upcoming 10 Day Challenge I want to ask, how does your bedroom look?  

I have recently become very passionate about, our room and our space!  I wrote a full post on this subject called, Sanctuary or Insanity because I think it is that important. But just as a quick tip, when you are done reading this go up to your room, stop in the doorway and observe what you feel when looking at your room!

Is it a place of peace and tranquility that you are your husband can enjoy each other in? Or is it full of laundry baskets, clothes on the floor, emptied out pants pockets, kid’s toys, etc. etc!  What can you do in a few days’ time that would help to make it a special space for you and your hubby?  Not that you have to be limited to sex in your bedroom by any means!  But, Brad and I have found with having smaller kids, using other parts of the house for sex, can be difficult.

Spend some time sprucing up your special space, nothing crazy, since you only have a couple of days, but see what you can come up with!  It is amazing what clean sheets and making the bed, alone will do for your room. While you are sprucing up your special space you can be thinking on all the fun you and your husband are going to have there.  The closeness, the joy, the passion, and yes the sex!

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6 Responses to Tip #2 – 10 Day Challenge

  1. Blaine,
    Husbands take notice- Brad says…You are so right on! Us guy's out there can and should do our share of picking up and cleaning up! I was thinking this same thing while I was running the vacuum cleaner yesterday! Not only should we do part of the work we need to be very respectful to 1- notice when our wonderful wives clean up the house and 2- not act like a herd of elephants in the newly cleaned room!
    Thank you for pointing out a very important point!!!

  2. Hi Blaine,

    Thanks for writing! As you can see my husband was right on top of this one! I (Kate) wanted to respond as well!

    I hear you loud and clear and agree with you very much! Husbands, and the boys in the family need to clean and help out! So you are right. The men in our family are expected to clean up and do all of the things that the ladies do! But that was not the point of my blog/tip.

    Tip #2 for the 10-Day Challenge was encouraging wives to be inspired about cleaning up their space (the bedroom)! I used to get angry when Brad would leave clothes lying around our room! Now, when I see things of Brad’s lying around, I make a conscience decision to help him out and put them where they need to go! Brad has gotten so much better with this and does try very hard to keep our room clean. But, even he has said, he is more motivated to do so because I took the time to make it a clean space for us!

    Our first goal as Brad and I blog together is to share what God has done in our one flesh marriage! Our second goal is to bring different perspectives to the table, as husband and wife. Through that we want for Brad to challenge the husbands and myself to challenge the wives on where they are at, how they treat their spouse and seeking God’s will for a one flesh marriage. As both Brad and I have said, we need to look at ourselves and see what we can change and improve. Not expecting our spouses to make the first move to change. The Bible calls us to do this as well! First look at yourself and what you need to do, before you look at others-including our spouses! Does this mean it is ok, for them to not help around the house, to make messes and not clean them up?? NO! Not at all! But what we do in those situations says a lot about us!! It shows if we are willing to serve our husbands in the hard times! I have learned the hard way, that anger and bitterness never help the situation.

    I know how easy it is to get caught in the downward spiral of being mad with our spouse for their lack of helping! I have been there too! But God has done a work in me, and I try hard to have a willing, loving, serving spirit, with my husband! He deserves it! I hope you better understand where I was coming from and what I was challenging the wives to do in Tip #2!

  3. It's a tip for wives because the care and condition of the house reflect on the wife more than that of her husband. This does not imply that men are exempt from cleaning,

  4. My husband is a prince and is constantly helping around the house. That being said, I have the eye for making things beautiful not just clean. He sees the dirty details and I tend to notice the overall effect in the room. From the couples around me who are friends I notice that does tend to be the way a woman thinks vs a man. Of course we are all different, but this meant that I didn’t actually take offence at the call to women to get on it. I am going to go upstairs right now and make my room beautiful.

    • Hi Christy! Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you have an amazing hubby, I never tire of hearing wives say good things about their man! You are right, men and women think very differently when it comes to clean and creating a sanctuary! While clean is a part of that, there are so many other fun things you can do to spruce up your space that is for you and your hubby! Have fun making everything beautiful and have fun with the challenge! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate