Tip #3 – 10 Day Challenge

Pre- Challenge Tip #3:  Getting ready for hump day

(no, no please keep reading its not what you think!)

Brad Says:

One week from today will be Hump Day. Day 5, hump day of the 10-day challenge.  Now I know that all of the guys out there are currently thinking “10 day’s of sex, Wooo Hooo!” and “no problem, I”m not sure why this is even called a challenge!”   But I’m here to speak a bit of reality to you!  

Hit the Wall

It is very likely you will hit the proverbial wall!   I know you are saying this is impossible, but I promise it will happen! So today I want all of you who are going to be taking this challenge to plan something special to do with your wives in one week, either Friday or Saturday.

If you can spare it in your budget plan a special date, a dinner alone together, and maybe special romantic gift.  If you can’t spare the finances right now find something inexpensive to do together.  Have dinner just the two of you after the kids are in bed, rent a romantic movie together, write her a note or card.  Plan ahead now for day 5 and you will find it much easier to get over the hump!

We have already heard from lots of couples who are going to do the challenge with us!  Are you still on the fence about the 10 Day Challenge??  Be bold and make a commitment to join us!  It is truly about the journey!

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