Tip #4 10-Day Challenge

Pre-Challenge Tip 4:  Whatcha Wearin???

Kate Says . . .

So my question for you today ladies, as you are thinking more about the 10-Day Challenge is, “what are you wearing?”  Not right at the moment, but in general, on most days?  Do you take the time every day for yourself, taking care of how you look?  

Have you gotten into the habit of wearing what is comfortable and easy!  I remember especially when our kids were little, that getting dressed and making myself presentable, seemed a waste of time, because I was hanging out with the kids all day.  I was going to get drool, spit-up and snot on me, why should I wear anything but my sweats?

How we dress tells people around us how we feel about ourselves.  It also speaks volumes to our husbands!  If you are home all day, make it a priority to get dressed in an outfit that express who you are and makes you feel good!  If you do this, it will translate into confidence, which is very sexy to our husbands!

We all have days where we just want to snuggle up in warm sweats, but I have learned, I feel less sexy and desirable when I am in those clothes.  And when I feel less desirable, Brad picks up on that.  Confidence, knowing who you are as a person, is very sexy!  It is not someone else’s definition of sexy it is you, being you!  For example, my favorite attire is, nice jeans and t-shirts (girly ones! not big, baggy ones!!).  This is very me, and all who know me will attest to this!  I asked Brad one time, what he found me most sexy in, and he said for the most part it was the outfits that were truly me!

Make it a point to take the time every day of the 10- day challenge to take care of yourself.  Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and sexy!  It will make you feel good and your husband will love it, who knows maybe you’ll decide to continue the habit after the challenge too!


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One Response to Tip #4 10-Day Challenge

  1. Speaking as a husband, I have to say this is SO right on! My wife often blesses me by picking a skirt or top that she knows I like, even when she is just hanging around the house. I appreciate her efforts in that regard and tell her so (husbands – don't forget to tell your wife how much you appreciate how great she looks! Every day!) And you are right, I think it does make her feel more confident and causes her to feel more attractive.