Tip #5 – 10 Day Challenge

Pre-Challenge Tip #5  Communication Is the Key…

Brad says…

Today’s tip is about communication.  This is a perfect topic for today for two reasons.   First, because I know there are some of you who have decided to do the challenge who have some things going on in their marriage that really need to be discussed.

I would encourage you to use these 10 days of intimacy to find time to talk too.  You will be shocked at how much easier it is to talk about some difficult subjects in the after glow of intimacy!  Try it, lay in each others arms and start talking about some of those pink elephants in your relationship that both of you have been ignoring!  The longer you have ignored this elephant in your relationship the later in the 10 days you should try this!  Give it a shot see how it can improve your communication!

Secondly, I know there are some of you reading this who have been wrestling with how to tell your spouse about doing the 10-day challenge for the past week.  There are probably a few things that are keeping you from asking your spouse if they want to try, but deep down the likely reason is a fear of rejection.  The fear that they will say no.  Yes, there is a chance!  And I would suggest that if you are concerned about that then starting the 10-Day Challenge tomorrow might not be an option.

Don’t give up hope!  Keep reading, pay special attention to Kate’s posts if you are a wife, and Brad’s if you are a husband.   Try to implement what you can change, while not expecting your spouse to change too!   After a while your spouse will notice the changes, then and only then, you can introduce them to the idea of a 10-day challenge.   The posts aren’t going anywhere you can set your own 10 days when your relationship is ready!

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