The Case of the Extra Time!

Brad Says…

If you and your spouse are joining us in the 10-Day Challenge I hope that you have found during these past 5 or 6 days enjoyable as the two of you have taken time to explore, enjoy and love each other every day!  Before you just sigh in the satisfied glow of the experience I want all of you husbands out there to take a bit of time to consider where the time that you found so enjoyable came from.

Time is one of those resources you cannot earn more of, no matter how hard you try.  We all have 24 hours a day; all you can do is choose how to allocate it.   In these past 6 days you and your wife made a conscious efforts to allocate extra time to your relationship.   This is great!  But, if you have a hope of having anything like this continue in your relationship beyond the next 4 days you are going to have to face the reality that all this time came from somewhere.

Husbands, it is time to take out your Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe, find your trusty magnifying glass, and take on…

The Case of  the Extra Time

It is an unfortunate truth that in most two income families the wives are serving double duty. They work all day and then come home to their second shift taking care of the home, children and all the other things that keep our lives moving.   Even if you are blessed to have a wife whose full time job has the woefully deficient title of “stay at home mom”, the second job of chief housekeeper, dishwasher, and cook all too often goes right along with it.

Why, do you ask did I take a detour in our investigation to explain the main tenants of modern feminism?  Elementary, my dear Watson this is your first clue!  I would recommend a thorough investigation in these areas to see if your overworked wife has, in escaping the world every day to spend precious time with you, left things undone.  Now before the lynch mobs come and find me:  If you discover this men, it is our jobs to put on our Acts of Service hats!  Walk around your home, straighten, pick up, clean, and fix.  Are there piles on the staircase?  Bring them upstairs!  Are there some very practical things that you can do to take some of the second shift load off of your wife?

If you discover this is where the extra time has been coming from then you have a simple assignment:  If you can step up the amount of things you were doing just ten percent from pre 10-Day Challenge, I think you will find that your amount of time together might just continue!!!

If this is not where the extra time came from in your case what did your investigation show?

Wives we are not as observant as Holmes, so we are open to hints!


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