One Missed Call

How many times in your life have you said to someone you love “I called you, why didn’t you answer?” This is usually followed by them giving a quick glance at their cell phone and a “Huh, I guess I missed it” look crosses their face.

The call didn’t go through, the cell was dead, or the noise of the day kept them from hearing the ring. All they can say for sure is, “Yep, it says one missed call”.

One missed call. Not a big deal, most of the time!

Other times it could be huge, the missed call of a potential new job, or a family emergency, or it could be the call of a lifetime. It could be a calling for your lifetime. Unfortunately, God’s missed calls don’t usually come with messages on your cell.

What is God’s calling in your life?

Is it a particular mission?
                                     Maybe your children?
All of these things can be wonderful calls that God has placed in your heart to lead you in a specific direction. But most of us still have a flashing “missed call” message in our lives.

The missed call of your marriage

Think back, remember that day with a white dress, a tux, a lot of friends, family, and a pastor? In the blur of that day one of the things the pastor probably said was:
                                   “What God has joined together let no man separate.”

What God has joined. That is significant, this wasn’t just a human choice, wasn’t just your choice, this was God’s call. God calling the two of you to be married! Now fast forward back to today: do you list “my wife”, or “my husband” as part of God’s calling you in your life? If not, why?

If you start thinking of your spouse as one of the most important callings in your life, I promise it will change your relationship and take you a colossal step closer to the one flesh, Ephesians 5 marriage He really intended for us to have.

What does that really look like?  Kate and I will be taking the next few posts to dive into Ephesians 5 and discuss the model that God gives us for marriage!   Watch out for posts on loving like Jesus, The ins and out of in-laws, and more….


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