The Power of a Praying Wife

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Side note: It has taken me awhile to respond to Brad’s post because we had dear friends of our staying with us for a few days. This friend is so special to me, she is an amazing woman of faith and her value is beyond words. Having precious time with her, reminded me to encourage all of you wives to seek out those ladies in your life who can pray for you and uplift you in your marriage. So here I am having had, four wonderful days with my dear friend, but behind in my blogging.

I was thinking, after reading Brad’s last post, “Being One Flesh On Your Knees” that there are two main ways I could respond. I could encourage all your wives to so the same thing for your hubby’s. To be rooted in prayer for your hubby. Pray for him in every aspect of his life. Or I could encourage you as wives to pray for yourselves! Truly you need to do both!
Praying for your hubby’s is a given. But I am not sure we understand how much power and blessings there is in a “praying wife”. Covering your hubby in prayer is one of the best things you can do for your marriage and as a wife. Make a list of all the areas of your husband’s life.

Here is a snippet of what my list for Brad looks like:
  • Walk with God
  • Our One Flesh Union
  • Being a Daddy
  • Job
  • Church
  • Areas of struggle

It is an honor to be able to pray for Brad in all areas of his life and I love being able to tell him that I am praying for him. What an amazing opportunity we have in being praying wives.

A word of caution for those of you who are struggling with where your husbands are at in life: Do not get stuck in praying solely for “change” in your hubby. Instead pray for that God’s will for your husband be done. That not our will as wife, but Jesus’! While change might be needed and we should certainly share that with Jesus, we want to remain open to how God wants to work in the heart of our husband. When I am frustrated and want to see change, I like to pray; “Lord work in Brad’s heart and Brad’s life, lead him Lord. And work in my heart and life as well.”

So what about praying for yourself!?! Sound kind of selfish and maybe even a little silly. I used to think praying meant-praying for others. Not myself. Of course I would pray for my struggles and would ask God to help me overcome them, but other then that I never really prayed for me. I think as wives, this is something we need to change! Praying for yourself, chatting with God about you, listening to God’s heart, seeking Him in every part of your life and marriage is so vital. It is not selfish, it is smart. You are nurturing and cultivating your relationship with Jesus and you are in communication with Him about yourself. This is how we understand and learn more about ourselves. This is how we become in tune with what God requires of us as wives.

In order to help organize my prayer life I have come up with a weekly prayer schedule. One day I pray all for Brad, one day I pray for all of extended our family, one day I pray for our country, one day I pray for our kids, one day I pray for our friends, one day I pray for rest and worship and one day I pray for ME! My whole prayer that day is dedicated to me and everything about me. My ministries, my struggles, my responsibilities, my roles (child of God, wife, mommy, daughter, sister and friend).

So while you are spending time praying for your amazing hubby, take sometime to stop and pray for yourself too. I have grown so much in my time with God since I have taken the time to pray for myself, to chat with God about where I am, where He wants me to be and how I am going to get there. Both are of great value, to your hubby and to your marriage, and to you as a special child of God.

The power of God to work through a praying wife . . . should never be underestimated!

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5 Responses to The Power of a Praying Wife

  1.  I love this article!!!.. showing us an example of a christian household and the importance of our prayers as godly women/wives and our lovingly doing our part in keeping the family together strong and deeply rooted in christ.

  2. Hi Tabitha!  So glad you are excited about praying for you hubby and being that vital link in your family!  We as wives have the most awesome opportunity, don't we?!?!  Keep it up sister!  Thanks for sharing, as always!  Kate 

  3. I am reading through "THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE"  it walks you through praying for your husband, and has prayers at the end of each chapter. You don't read a chapter a day , you take your time. I am allowing the Holy Spirit to show me when to move on, and sometimes I even go backward.

    The book starts with examining yourself as a wife, and praying for yourself first. It is a powerful book! I have seen to Lord to to work, and it is amazing!!!

  4. Hi Leanne!  I hear that is an amazing book!  I would think anything that encourages more prayer in the lives of us wives is definitely a plus!  Thanks for sharing and encouraging us!  Blessings!

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