The Unstoppable Worshipper

Brad says…

As I was reading Kate’s post, “Holding Hands in Worship” one question kept running through my mind, “what stops us?” Men, we are often notoriously poor worshipers! All you have to do is look at any choir or any congregation for that matter, and you will often see a lack of men worshiping. I have noticed many times couples standing next to each other wife clearly worshiping and husband frowning.  I always feel sad for these couples.  I know that they are potentially missing some very important spiritual intimacy when they don’t worship together.  What’s going on guys? What is stopping us from worshiping? I think there are 2 things that stop men from finding their heart of worship.

1. Joyful Noises

Worship is all about singing right? Wrong! I know many guys think, “I don’t like to sing, so I’ll just stand here, mentally check out of this worship thing and wait till the teaching starts”. Guys, worship has nothing to do with the song and all to do with the heart! Worship is an act not a cord of music, or a line in the song. Worship is engaging your heart, your spirit, and your emotions with God in humble adoration. Worship is saying, “I love you” to God. Instead of sitting on the side lines, give it a try. Don’t worry if you sound like a drowning cat while you do it, the Bible asks us to make a joyful noise, it never says anything about making it sound good.

2. Meekness and Manhood

I know when I said; “engaging your heart, your spirit, and your emotions with God” many of you cringed. That doesn’t sound very manly? Very macho, does it? I think this is often the central issue stopping many men from engaging in worship. We are concerned that it will look weak, and more importantly make us feel weak.

Guess what? It will, and just as Jesus said, out of that weakness is all the strength in the world. More strength wisdom, power and honor then we can ever fully understand or comprehend. I know it is a paradox, but it will only be in your weakness to worship that you will feel the fullness of God’s power. In Matt Redman’s book, “The Unquenchable Worshipper(affiliate link) he says:

“Unstoppable worshippers let nothing hinder them in their quest to glorify God. Whatever “goliaths” come their way, they walk out onto that worship battlefield and take their chances. They do not shrink back in times of trouble, but instead raise a spirited psalm of trust and praise.”
I cannot think of a better description of how I would like to be seen worshiping God. That is worship of MEN!

The Worshiping Husband

In my post, “Sunday Morning Suit of Armor” I talked about what it means to be a husband in church. Reading Kate’s words, “I believe that nurturing your time of worship together directly relates and affects your intimacy in the bedroom.” Simply adds another, shall we say benefit, to the already many reasons that we need to be leading our families into church, and leading them into worship!  I challenge all husbands to be known for your passionate worship! I promise it will have long lasting benefits, in your life, in your children, in your marriage, and yes even in the bedroom!

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