10 Day Challenge Prep and Primping

Kate says . . .

Sunday marks the start of our 10 Day Challenge, ladies and it is going to be an adventure in every sense of the word!  Usually when we embark on an adventure, we have to prepare.  Yea, I’m sticking with an adventure metaphor instead of football like Brad did in his post, “10 Day Challenge Pre-Game Rules“. . . sorry to all you lady football fans out there.  Nothing against football, but when I think about sex and preparations for the 10 day challenge, I think adventure!

So how can we wives prep for an amazing 10 days of adventure and discovery in our marriage journey?

Prep 1 – Schedule

As we embark on this journey, life will still continue as usual.  Don’t you wish we could take 10 days off and spend those days just enjoying your hubby?  I wish I could, but we would not be 10 minutes into day 1 and my kids would be knocking on the door asking about breakfast.  Shoeing them away would be fine, we have done so many times, but I am sure they would be back by lunch for sure!  The reality is life will continue, but if you can keep your 10 days light on the calendar it could really help make things more relaxed.  Look through your calendar for Feb. 4-14 and see what you can change.  Mark down the 10 day challenge, so when people are asking if you have time that week, you can suggest another week instead.  Make the 10 day challenge a priority on your calendar!

Prep 2 – Spruce up your bedroom

Take a little time to clean, organize and spruce of your bedroom a bit before the 10 day challenge.  How your bedroom looks and makes you and your hubby feel can greatly affect the mood when you both enter.  To be honest, our whole house can be in chaos (though I try not to let it be) and if our room is nice and neat, I can go there with my hubby and all is ok.  I can feel calm, relaxed and ready to spend time alone with him.  Think about how you can spruce up your special married space!

Prep 3 – Think Sexy!

Think sexy . . . in all things.  Not sexy by the worlds standards, but sexy to your husband.  Set the mood with what you wear, in and out of the bedroom.  Think about lighting, food, candles and chocolate.  All of these things can be sexy and fun, plan ahead and include them in your 10 days.  If these are not things your hubby likes, then think about his likes and what he finds sexy.  Like the girl scouts always say, “Be prepared”!  Spend some time before Sunday, thinking and planning . . . sexy!

Prep 4 – Imagine the possibilities

Think about all the fun ways you and your hubby can love one-another during the 10 days.  Daydreaming about your hubby is a GOOD thing!  It is how God designed us to be ladies and when focused on our husband it is a VERY GOOD thing!  Allow yourself to think about your hubby and all the sex you are going to have during the 10 day challenge.  Perhaps, even share some of the ideas with your hubby, either before hand or save them for a surprise.

Prep 5 – Pray!

The reason we created the 10 day sex challenge is because God taught and challenged our marriage through the 30 day sex challenge we took many years ago.  We learned that the challenge is not just about sex, though that is a huge part of it, obviously.  It is about making time for one another in all ways of intimacy.  When we take time to focus on sex, we are taking time to focus on something God has beautiful plans for in your marriage.  Pray and ask God to reveal to you and your hubby what he wants you to hear and learn this 10 day challenge.  Be open to God’s will and plan.  I challenge each of the amazing wives out there to pray this prayer:


Break me where I need to be broken where sex and intimacy are concerned in my marriage.  Break away the things that are hindering our one flesh union.  Fill that brokenness with your grace and leading in our marriage.  Let Your will be done in our marriage during this 10 day challenge and beyond.  Your will be done!

If you have any other ideas of how we as wives can prepare for the 10 Day Challenge, we would love for you to share them in the comment section! We can all glean from each other to bless our marriage.  Please share, we love hearing from you! 🙂

We will be posting a short tip each day along with a new prize giveaway every day starting February 4th.  Make sure to check back every day!  Have you prepared?  Are you going to join us for the 10 day challenge?  Let us know in the comments!

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25 Responses to 10 Day Challenge Prep and Primping

    • Hey Debi! Totally understand! Catching up and joining in on your own schedule is what many people are doing! Happy Anniversary to you and Tom! How many years is this for you? Looking forward to meeting you soon! Blessings, Kate

      • Way cool, there is a few days that we have things that was planned that can not be changed. So we are having to catch up a couple days ourselves.

        Happy anniversary Debi!!

        • Hi Elizabeth! Catching up is so understandable. We picked dates, but not everyone can do them! Have fun and know that we will be praying for you and your hubby! Blessings, Kate
          PS Debi and Tom are so fantastic aren’t they?!!??!

  1. THank you. To say the least my husband is excited about this “adventure”. I plan to look at it that way as well. We will celebrate 10 years this year and I hope to get back to “the way it was in the beginning”. Love in Christ.

  2. I dont wish to sound cynical but is this really possible? I think it is nice all of the couples wish to take part in this. However, is it possible without the distractions that life can bring? Maybe I am the only with that seems to have a lot of outside factors with negative effects on our love life. Just an observation. Best wishes to all and their intents. Enjoy. Married sex is great when you can have it

    • Hi eammon! Thanks for writing and asking a great question! The point of our 10 Day Challenfe is to spend sometime making intimacy a priority in your marriage. To think about it and be intentional about spending that much needed time together often. To maintain or exspect sex everyday on a regular basis, is for most people-not reasonable. So I think your point is very valid! On the other hand, I think our challenge is very achievable. Many years back we took a 30 day sex challenge. I have heard of the 60 day sex challenge and there is a couple who wrote a book about taking the 365 day sex challenge. For us it is about prioritizing sex in your marriage, since God has specifically stressed to married couples of its importance and to not neglect it. It is also to challenge couples to see what God wants to teach them about their marriage, intimacy and anything else while doing the challenge. We have successfully done the 10 Day challenge many times and making intimacy a priority in our marriage has truly changed our one flesh connection! Even if couples do not make it the whole 10 days, it is our hope that they will see the benefit in making intimate time with their spouse a priority! Married sex is great, when you have time for it! We just encourage the making of time for it, above many other things! Thanks agian for sharing! Blessings, Kate

  3. Hi there,

    A friend shared a post from your site on FB the other day and I got to poking around yesterday. I told my hubby about the 10 day challenge and how I wanted to do it (I struggle a lot in this area for many reasons and the posts I read totally rang true).

    We unofficially started today, but when I saw that you all are doing another one starting Sunday I asked him if we can just follow along with you all (not that we won’t be together before Sunday). I really wanted to take the time to prep for it though.

    So, anyway…just wanted to say we’re new here and we’re in. We could use a lot of prayer as we have three little girls under the age of three, so life is crazy and I’m often stressed out.

    Looking forward to the blessings to come. 🙂

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for writing and sharing! So glad you found us and that you are going to do the challenge with us. I hear you about struggling in the area of sex and intimacy. I too struggled for many years, so know that you are not alone! Know that we will be praying for you and for your hubby as you seek God through this challenge. God’s plan for marriage and intimacy is so good and he wants to bless you! We have three kids too, they are a bit older, but no so much that I forget where you are at! Be sure to check out my latest post, Get Your Motor Runnin! It talks a little about stress and mindset entering the 10 Day Challenge. You are taking a brave step and always remember it is not about “achieving” the 10 days as much as it is listening to what God teaches you about each other, your marriage and serving your spouse when you make intimacy a priority! We are praying for you both and your kiddos! Blessings, Kate

  4. We are in and looking forward to. Karen even shared it with her sister and they are considering it!

    • Hi Steve and Karen! We are so excited you are joining and us and thanks for sharing with others. God is so good and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for all of the couples out there taking the challenge! Have fun and blessings to you both! We will be praying for you both! Kate

  5. We are all in and looking forward to. Karen even shared it with her sister and they are considering it! I am sure it will not take much “considering”

    • Hi Elizabeth! We cannot thank you enough for sharing! Impacting marriages is what it is all about. Sharing God’s word about what a marriage should be, how intimacy is so important! Love all of our readers immensely! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate

  6. So now that this challenge is over, am I the only one pregnant? This will be our second child, and we are very excited! The timing of the challenge really worked out well for us.

    • Hi Christine! That is so wonderful-Congratulations! You are our first “10 Day Challenge Baby!” I wish we had a prize to send you and your hubby . . .
      I can assure you, we are not pregnant, but there may be other 10 Day Challenge Babies out there. What an awesome testament! Thanks for sharing and we will be praying for you and your hubby as you leap into this newest adventure. Blessings to you both and your beautiful family! Kate

      • Update: Our son Josiah was born last November. He is healthy and such a sweet smiley baby. What a wonderful blessing!

        • Hi Christine! You know we were actually wondering about your 10 Day Challenge Baby! Congrats! Love the name! Blessings to you and your hubby as you continue to seek Him on your one flesh journey! Kate