Return of the 10 Day Challenge

Brad says…

Back at the very beginning of the One Flesh Marriage Blog we ran a series called, “The 10 Day Challenge” when we challenged married couples to have sex every day for 10 days. For obvious reasons this series remains one of the most successful on the blog!

We decided that it was time to bring back the challenge. One month from today, February 5th through the 14th we will challenge all of you to grow your marriage and join us in the 2012 One Flesh Marriage 10 Day Challenge!

We are giving you a month advanced notice so that all of our readers will have ample opportunity to take the challenge with us!

In the spirit of the 10 Day Challenge I have created a top 10 list to help you prepare.

Top 10 Reasons to take the

One Flesh Marriage 10 Day Challenge

#10 Grow Your Sexual Intimacy

Maybe you have this sex thing figured out!  You and your spouse are both completely sexually satisfied, and you regularly feel the overwhelming closeness that happens after toe curling sex!  Or maybe you’re not quite there.  Your sexual intimacy can always grow, no matter your starting point pre challenge, 10 days of intimacy will help you grow closer together!

#9 Spend Time Together

We all have those days that we practically say hello and goodnight at the same time!  In order to succeed in the 10 day challenge you are going to have to make time to spend together just the two of you!  This reality alone makes doing the challenge very attractive! During your time together you might even discover and eliminate some activities that were zapping your time along together previously.

#8  Introduce One Flesh Marriage

Maybe you have been reading OFM for quite a while and found yourself wondering how you can get your husband or wife to read it too!  This might be just the ticket!  Simply tell them about the “crazy idea” you hear on this blog you were reading and see what they say!  (Actually, stay tuned for great ideas to introduce your husband or wife to the idea of the 10 day challenge)

#7 Admit it, you want to prove that you can do it!

#6  Finding Pleasure Beyond, “I’m Too Tired”

We all have those days when we really don’t feel like intimacy.  Yes, all of us men and women have those days.  Many of us stop right there and never learn how to explore the possibilities beyond the “I’m too tired” thought.  The challenge help you to learn that there is often great sex after these thoughts try to rob you of the opportunity!  Learning how to push through the “I don’t really feel like it” mood can help both husbands and wives find intimate connection time they didn’t know existed

#5 Create a New Normal

10 days of sex is a great way to “ re-calibrate”  the regular frequency of sex in your marriage.  After the challenge you probably won’t keep up the everyday routine but you both might find that the previous once-a-week norm no longer seems normal.  After the challenge last time we had couples tell us how they just kept going, maybe not daily but with much greater frequency then they every had before.

#4 Grow Your One Flesh Connection

If you have not felt the powerful one flesh connection that happens within God’s plan for sexual intimacy then this might be just the opportunity to move your sex life from physical to powerfully uniting.  You can feel this connection any time husband and wife come together, but something special happens when the sexual release pressure is off.

#3 It is lots and lots of fun!

#2 Explore Each Other

During your 10 days of sex together you will find that you have time to expand your sexual horizons.  You can take time to explore ways to bring your spouse awesome pleasure while they do the same thing!  This isn’t breaking down sexual barriers it is taking the time to really find out what turn on your spouse, and what brings them pleasure.

#1 Intimacy Let Loose

In God’s design of a one flesh marriage all intimacy is connected. Physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional intimacy all grow together.  As you turn up the sexual heat in your marriage you will be amazed to see what happens to all of the others!  In addition we will be providing tips before and during to help you grow all areas of intimacy while you are spending your 10 days together!

On board yet? Awesome!

Help get the word out!

Now your challenge is to help get the word out!  Read Kate’s  post the, 10 Ways to get your Husband Excited about The 10 Day Challenge.  and  Brad’s post with ideas to get your wife on board to take the challenge called Choose Your Path to the 10 Day Challenge!

We hope that you will join us on this fun adventure, let us know in the comments!  Help us share the 10 Day Challenge with the world by sharing this post on Facebook,or on Twitter! (Use the hashtag #10daychallenge) We will be having some awesome posts to encourage you before and during the challenge as well as some great giveaways! (* If you would like to donate prizes for our 10 Day Challenge give away please Contact Us )


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19 Responses to Return of the 10 Day Challenge

  1. this is awesome…wife and i did the one that happened last year and we were able to complete every day…not sure if the dates this year will suit for us. wifes time might happen during those dates…but i think we can do our own 10 days after that is all done

    • James,
      If you dates don’t work that’s fine but make sure to tune in to all the blog post and the great giveaways that will be happening Feb 5th – 14th!

  2. […] wanted to post this before we got too close for anyone to start.  The annual 10 Day Challenge is back on and coming […]

  3. Found your site through the Intimacy in Marriage blog and looks like I found it at just the right time! I’m excited about this. I emailed this page to my husband, I don’t think he’ll object =o). What a great way to really focus on the intimacy in marriage. We just got married in September, but are so determined to consistently work on this part of the marriage so it does not become stagnant =o). Love the site!

    • Hi Salina,
      I am glad you are going to join us! Thanks for checking out OFM, we think the world of Julie over at Intimacy in Marriage-she is amazing! We love to hear about newly married couples that are being proactive and never stop learning. That is a very good thing! Kate and I wish we had been more proactive in the beginning of our marriage. Keep seeking Him and talking to your husband about all things! We will be praying for you through the 10 day challenge. Thanks for sharing!
      Blessings to you and your husband, Brad

  4. Well, we’re thinking seriously about how to make the 10 Day Challenge work while away for a visit to a Seminary to explore furthering my education. But, we are making plans!!! Should make an interesting change from being at home and maybe an experience that will bring new adventures in more than theological training.

    • Hi Bill! Thanks for writing and sharing! Hey it sounds like a great time for an adventure! Remember it is about prioritzing intimacy, even if you don’t make it the whole 10 days, God will bless you through the journey together. Kudos to you and your wife for giving it a try no matter where you are! We will be praying for you! Blessings, Kate

  5. I just found this blog, but I think I am going to talk to my husband about doing the 10 day challenge. It sounds like a great idea.

    • Hi Allison, glad you found us! The 10 day challenge is a great tool! Know that we will be praying for you. Stop on by and let us know how it went! Blessings, Kate

  6. I am 52 my husband is 72, he had a radical prostectomy there is no way he is going to have sex with me for 10 days straight without an erection. we need intimacy right now what do you suggest. His sex drive haven’t exists in years. what can I do?

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