Day 10- The Most Intimate Possible

Brad says…

It’s Day 10! Time to celebrate! But before you enter this challenge in the history books I want to encourage all of you to take one more step in intimacy together.  Today, after your 10th day of sexual intimacy in a row I want to encourage you to take another spiritual step together.

Husbands, as you are holding each other today I want you to have the courage to pray out loud with and for your wife.  Maybe that is something completely natural, but for many of you even the thought of praying out loud with her brings up that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Can you feel it? That “ug, no I couldn’t do that” feeling?  The reason it is there is because praying together is VERY intimate.  I know for some of you this will take a risk but I encourage you to try!  To give you a little head start here are a few things that you can pray for:


  • For your allowing you and your wife to spend these special 10 days together (even if you didn’t make it all 10)
  • For your marriage
  • For your wife


  • For guidance in applying the lessons you have both learned into your marriage.
  • For strength as you continue to grow in intimacy together
  • For your one flesh journey together

These are just ideas, just talk to God and let the Holy Spirit bind the two of you together through physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy!

Day 10- Scripture Passage:

Ephesians Chapter 5

Day 10 Giveaway:

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36 Responses to Day 10- The Most Intimate Possible

  1. We pray together out loud every night before we go to bed, and when we talk to God specifically about our relationship it does become a much more intimate prayer. Thank you so much for the challenges these last ten days. Our marriage truly has been blessed.

  2. Brad and Kate
    The last 10 days have brought awesomeness to our one flesh marriage as well as encourage each day! We are learning to pray aloud each evening as we hold each other. I challenge every couple to go through this awesome 10 day challenge it will bring back the most incredible intimacy you will experience and be exactly what GOD intended for your marriage!
    Again, Joe and I say thank you and God bless your one flesh marriage as well!!!

    • Hi Sheila and Joe! We are so glad you joined us! God is so good and he wants amazing things for our marriage and one flesh connection! I praise God that you have grown deeper and God has revealed more of His desire for you as a couple! I am always amazed at what God wants to teach me! Keep seeking Him and His plan for your One Flesh Journey! Blessings, Kate

  3. We pray out loud with each other nightly and it is intimate. In the past I was afraid to pray with Karen as I thought it would possibly stop sex from happening. Now we Pray and thank God for the gift of sex and are having more sex than before. Give God all parts of your life and see how he will bless it. He absolutely blessed us!!

  4. We didn’t do the 10 day challenge, but I did try praying with my wife after our last intimate encounter. She REALLY responded positively to my praying with her even though it was a short, informal prayer. I am a little uncomfortable praying out loud, but I guess I will keep doing it because my wife likes it so much, and I want to be a blessing to her.

    • That is awesome Andrew! Keep following God’s leading and prompting, even when it feels a little awkward! God will bless you for sure! Blessings, Kate

  5. We have not won a prize from you, but we got the best prize of all. We had a awesome 10 days. We have the Lord and each other. What more is there?
    Thanks again for the 10 day challenge and all you do for marriages nad our GREAT God! Love you guys.

    • Hi David! So sorry you have not won a prize, but there is still today! 🙂 But you are right, growing in God’s plan for marriage, feeling the closeness He desires for you, growing in your One Flesh journey-is so much better then any prize! And YES-we serve a Great God! We are so thankful for you as well! Blessings, Kate

    • TOO FUNNY! Because Guess what Daivd YOU Won Day 10’s prize! Congratulations!

      We are thrilled that you already won the best prize of all great marriage!

      Blessings to you both!
      Brad & Kate

  6. Praying together is humbling, intimate, and TOUGH to get into the habit of doing! But I have made a covenant with my wife that I will call her from work each morning and pray with her, regardless of anything else. I’m usually at my desk before she ever wakes in the morning, so calling her shortly after her alarm wakes her up works for us. I have found that my days go SO much better when I take that extra time to pray with my wife. Gentlemen, take heed. Praying with your wife is probably THE most intimate act you can do with her. And the most rewarding! Do it!


  7. So true. My husband and I started our relationship (before marriage) praying aloud with each other. It has been such an awesome blessing and a way that we can worship our Lord!

  8. Spiritual intimacy is an aspect of our lives that has eternal repercussions. In our time of not being physically able to do most of the 10 Day Challenge the Lord was/is working out and even deeper sense of closeness. We have been growing in transparency, vulnerability and empathy. what Covenant Marriage couldn’t use more of this? This growth not only strengthens the marriage; it glues the family together in a bond that reaps long term results. Even beyond the length of time the husband and wife on alive. Thinking of future generations which Christ wants to bring about, sometimes out of the ashes of brokenness to glorious godliness!

    • Very true, Bill! Thanks for sharing this! Physical intimacy, though a important part, is only a small part of the intimacy equation! Growing ALL areas is vital and you are right in that growing our spiritual intimacy can have an affect on our future generations! Blessing to you and your wife! Kate

      • Thanks Kate! Even as the ‘fasting’ from sexual intimacy continues, both my Beloved Bride and me have been waking recently at 4:30 am to have wonderful times of heartfelt sharing and me taking the initiative to pray. This has touched her heart and she said so last evening in our after supper quiet time downstairs beside the wood stove where a fire was blazing. And we prayed again this morning before getting out of bed late. Wednesday is our 26th Anniversary and even if sexual intimacy is not possible we’ll still have our hearts woven together in Christ and in each other more deeply and richly. To God Be The Glory!!

  9. I love your blog and todays challenge my husband and I Use to pray together all the time then life got crazy with 4 boys and we don’t get to all that much but it is defiantly something we need to put back into our everyday life.

  10. Praying out loud in our men’s prayer group is not difficult. But praying aloud with my wife seems more difficult, I guess because it is so intimate and personal. My wife is not comfortable praying aloud at all. This is something we both need to work on.

    • Skip,
      I’ve felt the same way sometime too! I think it is represents a completely different level of intimacy with our wife then with a group of guys! Keep working on it, God will bless you through it, and you will see the intimacy in your marriage grow too!

  11. Thanks so much for this challenge. We’ve really enjoyed it and learned a lot about why our relationship was how it was and the tools we need to use to keep it here now 🙂

    • Valerie,
      That is really awesome to hear! Thank you so much! It is words like that that really encourage Kate and I in this ministry! We know God has us doing it for a reason, it is such a blessing to hear that it has an impact!
      God bless,

  12. What an amazing journey these last ten days have been. Our eyes have been opened to how truly important sexual intimacy is in our marriage. We are forever grateful and look forward to MANY more 10 day challenges to come! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hard work you guys have done by creating this website and giving the encouragement to all of us married couples.

  14. We’ve learned that even in our busy lives with an 8 month old and 3 year old, a few minutes can go a long way for mommy/daddy – and we don’t have to be super tired… We can have fun and still enjoy 🙂

  15. I love it when my husband prays for me aloud. It creates a deep closeness between us. Thank you for having the Challenge. It has been a wonderful growing experience for my husband and I.

  16. SO, today is Day-10 for us. Coconut Oil arrived today… Hmmm… Suppose that’s a GOD thing or just a really good thing? LOL 😉

  17. Last night was so amazing. We prayed and talked for a long while. It was the best talk we’ve had concerning God’s path for our lives and how we can “let our light shine” in this world. We both understand now that the best way we can do that is by modeling a GOD honoring marriage first to our children, and then also to those around us. We see too much ugliness in marriage these days and I pray that we will be able to show the world around us that GOD has a better, more beautiful way! We are going to continue to have daily ‘marriage time’, this has become precious to us. We will also continue to follow you blog because we think you guys ROCK! 😀

    • Oh Shannon, this is so awesome! Know that I was following along the whole time. Lately it takes me awhile to catch up with all the comments. But I was following! I am praising God with you guys! It really does put things back in perspective and God uses it for his good! Keep seeking Him together and falling into each others arms, God will not leave you and he will bless you! Not sure about us “rocking” but you are sweet and we appreciate your encouragement! OFM is all God’s and we are honored to be doing it! Blessings, Kate