Day 11- Rest

Kate said…

…..and then they rested!   🙂

You have made it, you have made time for sex and intimacy 10 days in a row and we have no doubt God has moved in your relationship.  Spend today praising God and relaxing together.  If you don’t need the rest, then by all means keep the challenge going!

While you are resting a bit (or continuing the challenge) think about how you can keep the intimacy growing in your marriage.  One of the things that we learned from doing the challenge is to make sure we set aside time every night (that we are home together) to snuggle and talk.  This practice really encourages intimacy and prioritizes our time together.  There are nights that we just talk and enjoy each other’s company.  But more times than not, our closeness leads to other things.  It truly becomes a natural transition and makes intimacy a regular part of our one flesh journey.

Thanks to all of you!  Whether you were able to make it the 10 days of not, hearing in all of the comments how God is working in your marriage and intimacy has been so encouraging,  humbling and amazing.  We give God all the praise for He is working in all of us.  Many of your stories made us smile, laugh and cry.  God is so very good!  Thanks for joining us on this challenge.  Now the challenge is to keep sex and intimacy at the top of your priority list in life.  It will be a blessing in more ways then you can imagine!

Thank you again to all of the amazing people who partnered with us by donating to our challenge.  As you are resting, take a few minutes to visit their sites.

Covenant Spice

Three Passions Lingerie

Union 28 (remember to use code U281FM15) to get 15% off your order!

Shannon Ethridge author of The Sexually Confident Wife 

Book 22

Day Three Bath and Body

Random House and Hal Rankul author of The Self Centered Marriage

Sheila Gregoire author of The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex:

The Pure Bed

Mike and Fianna Lusby authors of  “And Then We Danced

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