Day 3- Kissing Day

Brad says…

One complaint of most women is that their husbands forget the joy of kissing.  Honestly, I think most guys don’t linger on the kissing stage of foreplay because it is an in-between step.  We may not know if the kiss is going to lead to more or not.  Today, thanks to the 10 day challenge you don’t have that issue.  Today take your time and make it a kissing day.

Experiment with different kisses.  Peck, nibble, smooch, and caress with your lips.  Be soft and tender, experiments with different kisses and how they make you and your wife feel.  Allow both of you to feel the pleasure that comes from kissing but resist the urge to move quickly to the next phase!  Let your kisses linger on her lips! May your kisses be as exciting as the best wine, flowing gently over lips and teeth.” (Song of Solomon 7:9)

Day 3- Scripture Passage:

Song of Solomon Chapter 3

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16 Responses to Day 3- Kissing Day

  1. Kissing, this is going to be a fun day !
    My wife is an amazing kisser. After 20 years of marriage, kissing her still gives me the goosebumps of excitement…
    Still remember the first time we kissed..
    Now, if you could excuse me, I got to go… 😉 ( those golden 5 minutes before getting up are priceless..)

  2. Oooh! I like day 3! I remember the first time I kissed my husband. I always remember in slow motion! lol.

  3. OOOOH…. I love this on!!! Kissing is one of my favorite things!! I truly love this!!!

  4. I love to kiss but the dw wife does not like to kiss….I could go for a long french kissing session, but that will never happen…

  5. Well, this was challenging for me. I’m NOT a kisser. 🙁 But, I really tried to open myself up to it and it turned out to be the most relaxed I had been all day. We are enjoying this time together so much!

    • That is so awesome Shannon! It is always so good to try new things and “stretch” yourself a bit! That’s what the 10 Day Challenge is all about!