Day 7- Spice It Up!

Kate says . . .

Anyone who cooks knows that adding spices to a dish can make the dish amazing.  No spices can leave a dish bland and tasteless, but too many spices can also ruin a dish! Sometimes that little dash of spice can completely change the whole experience!  Today spend some time together to think of ways to spice up your sexual intimacy.  You may be wondering how this is different from doing something “out of the box”?  I think spicing it up is focusing on sexy and sultry.  What does your husband love along those lines.  Does he like lingerie, sensual massage or perhaps surprising him with sex when he is least expecting it?  Hmmm, do I have you thinking?  I hope so!

Take some time to think about what your hubby loves for you to wear or do.  Perhaps these are things that in the busyness of life, we often don’t have time for.  Take the time to spice things up!  Add a new piece of lingerie to your collection, surprise him with a new position, surprise him when he is least expecting it and insist that you need him right then and there!  Spice it up, ladies!  You won’t be sorry you did and your husband will love it!


Brad says too…

Spice It Up isn’t only for wives! Husbands you can get out some spice too!  Maybe you won’t go for the “bam” spice that Kate was suggesting, but that doesn’t mean that your brains don’t need to think variety and spice too!   Spend some time today to think about and talk about how you can make day 7 special!

Day 7- Scripture Passage:

Song of Solomon Chapter 7

Day 7 Giveaway:

Today’s giveaway is a real treat!  One lucky winner will win a copy of Sheila Wray Gregoire’s new book “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)”  The book doesn’t release till March 6th but Sheila agreed to donate a copy as soon as it is out!  This promises to be a really excellent book and I’m excited to read it! Visit Shelia’s website today to reserve your copy!

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27 Responses to Day 7- Spice It Up!

  1. Great! And I’d love to win the giveaway-I’ve been reading her blog, too, and would love to read her new book!

  2. I’d love to read this book! I’ve been following her tips for 29 great days this month too! Thanks for all of the giveaways this last week!

  3. Well, spicing things up took an interesting turn for us recently. For reasons I don’t need to go into detail about our 10 Day Challenge had to become one of building emotional and spiritual intimacy; the physical elements needed to take a back seat (not literally…too cold for that right now!) So after a few days of bonding in different areas my precious wife decides to sacrifice her own needs
    which could not be met, to spend some time, throughout the day, focusing on me. When the events came to a crescendo last evening her expression was this: “Thank you for allowing me to do this for you!” Need I say more?

  4. wife and i are reading all the tips together…..thanks for all the great info to make marriages better

  5. Gonna have to think on this. I like the idea, but guests and baby feel so limiting! Bah, just excuses. I’ll be thinking and praying today on how I can spice it up for hubby.

  6. Fantastic giveaway. Sheila’s blog has been really helpful lately. Her book would be a great blessing to our marriage.

  7. Awesome spice advise. I’ve always heard that “variety is the spice of life”. So let’s spice it up and tonight is going to be spicy for sure!

  8. sometimes its hard to get out of the rut of the old thing…. and we’ve gotten comfortable with where we are at.. have to really think about how to spice it up… and talk with him too!

  9. Thanks for all the tips this week! The challenge is going good for us so far! It is really teaching both of us to think outside the box and to intentionally invest more time into each other.

  10. Thank you, Kate, for your kind words and encouragement yesterday. You’re such a blessing! Today was a COMPLETE turn around. (In a good way;)Today was “Spice it Up” and BOY did I! This was SO fun. Not too much planning but kept it simple, I rolled three of the last four challenges in to this one and it was AMAZING! I ran out, got some his and her massage oils. When I got back I told him I needed to talk to him alone, so I took him to our room (mid day!) and locked the door, I turned to him and told him to sit back and relax, I Pulled the oils “Out of the Box” and then “Focused on Pleasing Him”. No nervousness, no shyness, just joy in making him feel so loved and good. It was a TOTAL surprise for him and watching his surprise, joy and excitement was as much a gift to me as it was to him. I love the closeness and intimacy this has reignited for us. I am SO glad I found your blog! Thank You for all you do!

    • Aww, I am rejoicing with you Shannon! But it is not us by any means, it is ALL God! He is working in the two of you and your one flesh journey! When I am reading your testimony, I see so many similarities to our story of when God worked in our hearts and I stared to “cling” to Brad. Amazing things started happening. I am so glad that our story can be used by God to further his kingdom and to encourage marriages. Keep lovin on that hubby of yours! Blessings, Kate