Day 8- Start Setting the Mood

Brad says…

Guy’s one of the realities of the 10 Day Challenge is that it is easy to find yourself leaving only 20 minutes to try to fit it in.  This may work once or twice, but it can have consequences.  Today for day 8, I want to challenge all of you to take some time to really get things in the mood.

It is all about atmosphere.   Guys spend a little time straightening up your room then think romantic.  It is time to go all out!  Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

    • Draw her a bubble bath
    • Get out the message oil.  Hint; warm it up for her by placing the bottle it in warm water
    • Cook or order a nice dinner for just the two of you at home! (After the kids are in bed!)
    • Love notes work great! I know she will be “expecting” one on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day in case you forgot) but she won’t be tonight!
    • Dust off the candles, I know these are a mystery to many men, but your wife likes them.
    • Give her a kiss then tell her you are putting the kids to bed.
Many of you already have all you need for these ideas, but maybe it is time to replenish some of your supplies.  I am really excited by our giveaway today!  You should check it out!  Kate doesn’t know this (yet) but she liked today’s giveaway so much that I ordered her one!

Day 8- Scripture Passage:

Song of Solomon Chapter 8

Day 8 Giveaway:

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12 Responses to Day 8- Start Setting the Mood

  1. We missed last night… but decided that our health (aka sleep) was more important – since we’d been up with sick kids for 40 hours with only about 4 hours of sleep…

  2. I love it when my husband takes the time and sets the atmosphere. It shows me that I am worth the effort and that I am special to him.

  3. I would love to have the mood set again. I used to light candles all the time… and music… and for some reason we stopped… since we aren’t starting the challenge until next week, I’m going to start finding the things I need to set the mood…

  4. Well, we missed yesterday. Hubby got home, woke me and said ” there’s 7 minutes to midnight if we are going for it today.” I didn’t think I could really be there….

    But we plan/hope to finish the challenge and try again later when the days aren’t so crazy.

  5. We’ve been setting the mood for when we can be intimate next once health issues are resolved. Little things like e-cards, sharing emails and then the much bigger habit of taking 30 minutes after supper for just we two in the bedroom to just talk, pray and listen. It really has enhanced our entire relationship so that when we can we’ll turn on a coloured lamp, play some appropriate music and have fun. All of this in preparation for our 26th Anniversary in 10 days!

  6. This time we both dropped the ball! (lack of preparation) LOL! My husband looked at the Day-8 post just before we put the kids to bed and said, “Well, I was suppose to be preparing all day, but I can still kiss your cheek and put the boys to bed.” :)We laughed it off and had a great evening anyway! I’ve come to realize my favorite part of this challenge; It’s how much we laugh together! It’s amazing to have that again.

    • 🙂 Laughter is so important Shannon! I know that when Brad and I are connected we laugh and enjoy each other so much more, we are also able to entend grace to each other much more! God’s awesome plan, I have no doubt! Blessings, Kate