Day 9- Think About It All Day Long

Kate says . . .

Its Monday, day 9 of the 10 Day Challenge.  You may need a  little help to keep the challenge alive.  One of the greatest tools I have learned  is to keep my hubby on my mind much of the day long !  How I adore his body how love being with him, what’s going to happen later on, you get the idea.  It is technique to learn in a sense, and after much practice becomes a habit-a good one I might add.  I try to keep my hubby and thoughts of him on my mind many times during the day.  If our brains are consumed with work, kids, cleaning, making meals and all else on our schedule, it is not hard to see why sex is the last thing on our mind when our hubby comes home.  Because it is truly has been the last thing on our mind.  Change that, make sex and quality time alone with your hubby on the top 10 list and spend time thinking about him!

When he walks through the door in the evening, you can give him a “special” smile that tells how much you love and adore him.  Whisper in his ear how much you have missed him and can’t wait to be alone with him.  When you have been thinking about it ALL day long, it will be heartfelt!

Day 9- Scripture Passage:

1 Corinthians Chapter 13

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21 Responses to Day 9- Think About It All Day Long

  1. Today’s challenge is not that hard for me because of late I have been doing this. The thing I need help with though is how to make this a balance. I can easily think about him all day, but then it seems a bit obsessive to me and I don’t get a whole lot else done

    • I just found this site today, wish I had seen it before! I will have to go back and check out the last 8 days…I may be behind, but I love this kind of thing! :)…Cherl, you are so funny! 😉

  2. This tip is a good one, and SO true! It makes such a difference to me if I’ve been thinking about him all day or, like you said, if sex is the last thing on my mind! Good advice!

  3. This is great advice, and has helped me to be able to put him as my top priority when he gets home. I also enjoy sending him a text message during the day letting him know I am thinking of him and that I can’t wait to spend time with him later. My hubby has told me many times how much this means to him.

  4. This is true for both the husband and wife, but for me it is a lot easier to think about my wife all day long.

  5. Gets challenging with 3 kiddos running around the house all day, but I’ve been working on this the whole challenge!

  6. With busy schedules, it is easy to put this on a to-do list instead of a to-done list…Thanks for the reminder to make it a priority.

  7. I’ve been tweeting (almost) daily from my iPad, but I’m having trouble getting the link posted. Please count the entry!

  8. I find because of all my “issues” that if I don’t spend the day thinking about it, I won’t be as able to get into it when he asks if I want to… Thanks for the reminders!

  9. Great tip!!! I’ve found that this puts me in a much better mood all day long… and helps create anticipation for the evening.

  10. Thank you for this challenge! This is something I struggle with I get so caught up in the day to day tasks that I forget to think of my hubby and greet him at the door.