Day 6- Focus on Pleasing Him

Kate says . . .

Take a chance today to focus solely on your hubby.  Focus on his likes, his needs and his pleasures!   Think about all the things your hubby loves and incorporate them into your time together.  Start in the morning, make him his favorite breakfast.  Help him get all packed and ready for work.  In the evening, put the kids to bed (or send them for some quiet time in their rooms if they are older) and make your hubby’s favorite meal and dessert.

As for the bedroom (or wherever else) focus your time on pleasing your hubby in all ways.  What does he like to see you in or not in?  Set the mood for the things your hubby likes.  What turns him on every time?  Tell him to sit back, relax and enjoy.  Bless him with exploring and doing all the things he loves best.  Be sure to go slow and enjoy watching your husband enjoy what you are doing to and with him.

Focus on your hubby and his pleasure!

Day 6- Scripture Passage:

Song of Solomon Chapter 6

Day 6 Giveaway:

Today’s giveaway prize goes right along with today’s challenge.  Shannon Ethridge’s amazing book the Sexually Confident Wife.

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Ladies, this is a really excellent book! I did a whole review of it earlier, and we are really honored that Shannon donated a copy for our giveaway! Enter today and be sure to visit for all Shannon’s great resources.

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28 Responses to Day 6- Focus on Pleasing Him

  1. I love to pamper and please my hubby! He needs it to relax and enjoy a quiet and close one flesh experience sometimes!
    Thanks for all of your suggestions and info! I love your site/blogs!

  2. This is great advice. Way to many women are concerned about their needs and forget about their husbands needs.
    My Man is worth it. I try to keep my husband my number two focus, second only to God 🙂

  3. This week has been amazing! I think the difference is I’m focusing on my hubby more and my kids less (in a good way). Also, I LOVE this book, but lent it to a friend and she moved, I’d love another copy 🙂

    • Valerie,
      Kids a way of creeping up the priority list! They need us all the time! It is easy to forget how much our spouse needs us too!

  4. Would love to read that book! I’m enjoying the challenge- we had to stop for health reasons but are planning on picking it up again soon 😉

  5. Last night we enjoyed climbing over the wall. This has been a true blessing. We have been married over 30 years and I have learned some things about my wife’s preferences I never knew! Thanks much!

    • That’s great! We always have room to learn! I know that every time that Kate and I do the challenge we learn new things!
      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Do you tell the kids that tomorrow night we’ll put Daddy in his room and I’ll make dinner for you?..or my husband said, we’ll go in our room and the kids can make dinner for themselves! hahaha…we had a good laugh. We really do appreciate your site…keep up the good work!

  7. Wow, my wife really put a ton of thought into day 6 I feel like I am so special to her. She filled my love tank in one day to overflowing and now my natural desire is to fill hers today. Thank you!

    • Mike,
      That is awesome to hear! That is one of the real benefits of the 10 Day Challenge, as one intimacy increases the others do too!!!

  8. We were on day 6 yesterday and it just happend to be my DHs birthday yesterday. Four more days to go. Wish me luck

    • Hi Alison! We are praying for you! Would love to hear how God used the challenge to work in your marriage! Blessings, Kate

  9. As I’ve told you, we’ve been enjoying this challenge very much. Well, this one, tripped me up good. You see, I’m a ‘planner’ AND my own worst critic, so I put WAY too much thought into this. I was anxious all day. We shut our door and read Song of Solomon 6 together. I was shy and awkward. Afterwards my husband, lovingly, asked what was the matter. I told him I was nervous that I would mess it up. He looked straight at me and BURST out laughing! He said, “There is NO WAY you could mess this up! And even if you could, don’t worry, I’ll let you try again tomorrow!”. LOL! Oh how I thank GOD for this man he has given me to love! My mood has lightened and we’re back on track.

    • Hi Shannon! I am following you and your hubby as you comment on your journey! This makes me smile, it sounds like something my hubby would say to me. It is ok to be nervous at times, but when we are willing to step out, usually it is always a blessing. Your hubby will guide you gently if something doesn’t feel right and you will do the same for him! Such a great, sweet testimony! Blessings to you both! Kate