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So you may be wondering,  how do you take what you learned during the 10 Day Challenge and allow it to impact your marriage they way God desires for it to?  It is a great question and something to prayerfully consider.

When I felt God moving and changing the level of intimacy in our marriage, I knew we had to find a way to protect this precious gift.  I was apprehensive that we would slip right back into our former life of not making sex, intimacy, and time together a priority.  I have learned that the best way to deal with these fears is to bring them out into the open.  I would talk with Brad about how much I loved what God was doing in our marriage, how much I loved spending intimate time with him, and that I wanted to protect the changes we had made.  I shared that I was nervous that we could backslide.  He agreed on all accounts and we worked together to make sure that did not happen.  When you get to a place in your marriage where you understand what it means to be “one flesh” more than you ever have before, you are willing to do a great deal to keep the journey moving forward!

Steps to keep moving forward and to make time alone (sex included) a priority:

Talk about what God is doing:

Brad and I spent time sharing what was on our hearts.  We openly praised God, because we knew it was Him who was moving in our marriage.  Sharing in this way was very intimate in its own way.  We also were not left wondering what each other was thinking.  In marriage, we were intended to share everything, our joys and sorrows.  Snuggle together and share what God is doing in your marriage.  It is hard to open up and be vulnerable, because it is incredibly intimate, but it is also a beautiful blessing from God.

Carve out time together every day:

You were able to make time for each other for 10 days in a row.  Make that a new habit.  Brad and I plan the rest of our schedule and lives around our time.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.  We try our hardest not to let life intrude on our time, we are very protective.  Every night we spend time alone together.  Does this mean we have sex every day?  No, it means we make time alone a priority, talking about each other’s day, snuggling, kissing-sharing life!  Sex is a huge part of that time, but it is not the only part.  Spending the time alone, encourages intimate time in all ways.  It is a beautiful time and I am so thankful that we have that time together every day!

These are two of the things that made a huge difference for me after God spoke so clearly of the need for intimate time together.  Perhaps there will be other things that help you to keep moving forward in your one flesh connection.  Keep seeking God’s leading and keep prioritizing your beloved husband!  Know that we are praying for you all and that we are praising God for all of the marriages who have been changed and encouraged.  God is good and as I always like to say, His plan for marriage is full of hope and blessings!


A few days ago we had the opportunity to record an interview with Dino and Shannon Watt of Marital Revolution Radio.  We spent a really fun hour sharing our story, and talking about why we are so passionate about marriage!  We thought that some of you might like to hear it.


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How have you managed to keep momentum moving forward since the 10 Day Challenge?

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One Response to Forward Momentum

  1. Kate,
    We set aside 7-8pm every night to talk about our day together, while we are not watching TV or anything else, just alone time holding each other too! Of course that then leads to many other things when we go off to bed for the night! I enjoy those 2-3 hours of uninterrupted 1:1 time with my hubby of almost 28 years! We desperately needed this challenge and will continue on each day!
    God Bless your all’s One Flesh Marriage!