Get Your Motor Runnin

Kate says . . .

It’s that time wives, to rev up the engines for Sunday!  As we get started and embark on this 10 day challenge journey there are a couple of things for you to remember.

Take it one day at a time

Don’t focus on anything but today.   Many times when we set out to do a challenge such as the 10 Day Sex Challenge, we go into a mode of looking at the finish line instead of focusing on the stretch of road immediately before us.  Keep your mind focused on spending time with your hubby today.  In my last post I did mention checking your schedule to allow for more alone time in these 10 days.  Once that is done set your focus on the present.  Even though it may be hard we need to focus on thriving through life, not just surviving.  That goes for the challenge as well.  Simply being able to say that you completed the 10 days, while that is awesome is not the whole picture.

Remember it is about more than sex

So you made time once again for sex with your hubby!  Well now we can check that off the “to do” list, right?  The Challenge is about keeping the focus on intimacy and making every effort to spend quality time together, not just checking sex off the list (which I know we wives all have multiple lists running through our heads).  Another good thing is to remind yourself each day to focus on intimate time with your hubby.  Get your mind, body and emotions ready for that time together.  Being present mentally is just as important as being their physically!  If that means taking a relaxing bath first or asking your hubby to put the kids to bed, do what you need to in order to  be all about spending time with your hubby!

Slow down, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy

Breath, ladies, just breathe!  We have so much on our plates and so much on our minds.  It can be a real mental block and mood killer when you are consumed by all that stuff.  Stop yourself and breath, ask God to help you relax and focus on enjoying your hubby!  If you can set your mind to doing all that is on your list, because I know how amazing you all are, then you can set your mind to amazing sex with your hubby!

Take the opportunity to reconnect in many different ways

Take time during these 10 days to nurture other intimate time with your hubby.  Talk to him about the things he loves, rent a movie that is his favorite genre, read God’s word together, pray together, share your dreams for the future, etc!  Spending this precious time either before or after sex to draw you deeper together in intimacy.  Thinking of ways that you and your hubby can deepen your intimate bond.  Thing emotional, spiritual and intellectual!

Daily ask God what is trying to show and how you can grow

With anything you do in your marriage, seeking God’s will and plan is a great place to start.  We are all going into this challenge at different place in marriage, and every marriage is unique.  We have a far from perfect marriage and are still learning what God wants to teach us.  So we too will be seeking out how God desires to teach us through our 10 day challenge.  Ask God what he wants you to learn. Ask where he would like to stretch and strengthen you.  Ask how he would like you to bless your hubby.  Ask Him to continue to create in you the wife he wants you to be.  Not a wife, like your best friend or your mom, (although they may be wonderful examples) but the wife he wants you to be!  I hope you have amazing women to look up to and glean from, but their husbands are one of a kind, created by God and so is you hubby.  Pray and I believe God will show you the way to respect, love, serve and bless your hubby!


How are you getting ready for the 10 Day Challenge?

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7 Responses to Get Your Motor Runnin

  1. I am feeling torn today. I’m hoping you can offer some advice. My husband and I were looking forward to this 10 day challenge. We even got another couple to agree to the challenge in their marriage. About 2 weeks ago we learned I am expecting and morning sickness kicked in soon after. I feel like a swamp creature from out of space right now. Every smell in my house makes me gag. Including my husband and daughter’s normally inoffensive breath. My husband is very patient and loving, but I have to admit sex right now is just about the last thing I feel capable of. Especially great sex. 10 days in a row no less. I really want to feel connected, but it’s so hard right now. HELP!

    • Hi T.O.! Thanks for writing and sharing. When I saw your comment, my first thought was, “oh I feel your pain!” I too was very sick in the beginning of our two pregnancies and know exactly how you are feeling! Smells would make me sick all the time! It was not fun at all! But such a blessing to be nurturing a life inside of you that was created from this one flesh bond with your hubby! 🙂 You and your hubby need to talk and pray and honestly . . . be practical! This is not a case of the two of you avoiding sex and the challenge. So feel no pressure from us! We truly want people to do the challenge to grow and see what God wants to show them through prioritizing intimacy. If you are not up to it right now, I completely understand that. Just make sure you and your hubby are on the same page with the decision. And when the time comes where sex is more welcome, well go for it (as long as you have no health reason with the pregnancy, not to)!

      In this time of morning sickness and such, find other ways to be close to your hubby. Lots of snuggles and hugs and kisses. Share with your hubby your desire to be with him, sexually, but that you just aren’t up for it. Also be willing when you do feel a bit better, to make the effort. If this is not your first pregnancy, you probably know or will learn what your “good” time of day is. For me it was actually always morning (I was always sick at night-I always seem to be backwards in life-lol), make sure you take advantage of intimate time together then. If you wait for the rougher, more tired times, you will miss many opportunties. You will figure it all out, just keep sex and intimacy at the front of your mind and bring it back into play as soon as you can!

      Thanks so much for sharing with your friends! We greatly appreciate you spreading the word, we cannot wait to see what God has in store. Know that we are praying for you and your hubby and for the news of a new life! How precious! Blessings, Kate

  2. OK so my husband is gone for 3-4 days at a time; is it OK if the 10 day challenge takes us 3 weeks? Ha! 🙂 I don’t think we have ever been together for 10 days in a row unless we are traveling.

    • Hi Christy! Sure! If that is how your schedule works, then go with that. The point is to make intimacy a priority on a consistant basis and to listen to what God wants to show you during that time. We have had many people right in and share that 10 days is just physically possible due to actual physical seperation! Do 10 days in a row, when you are together! We will be praying for you and your hubby! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Kate

  3. I wanted to share a idea that I had gotten from another site, about a Song of Solomon night. I went with the idea and added my thoughts to it, making it an evening with food. Cheese, meat, fruit and drink with and evening focused on loving my hubby.

    • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing that, we will have to check it out! As you may have figured out, we are all about anything Song of Solomon! In fact we have an amazing company giving away bath and body products from their Song of Solomon line! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Kate