On Your Mark…

Brad says…

We are only hours away from the launch of the 10 Day Challenge.  I hope that all of you are ready for an adventure!

Over the next 10 days we will post a short idea, encouragement or tip every day.  We will also feature one awesome prize you can enter to win every day!  More on that below…

10 Days of sex is lots of fun!  It will also be an excellent time to grow in intimacy in your marriage.

We hope the 10 Day Challenge will inspire you to grow sexual intimacy in your marriage.  Our tips will guide you in new ways to nurture your sex life, and bring you to a new level of sexual intimacy together.

Get Set…

The 10 Day Challenge is not just about sex.  Yes you heard me right.  The 10 Day Sex Challenge is also about growing all types of intimacy in your marriage; emotional intimacy and spiritual intimacy too!

The time you spend together will help you to grow your emotional intimacy, but don’t leave that to chance either!  Be purposeful in spending time together.  Try your best not to “squeeze” sex into your day, but make sure to devote time together!

In order to encourage growing your spiritual intimacy we will provide a daily Scripture reading guide with passages from Song of Solomon and other marriage passages for you to read together.  Scripture and prayer together can bind the two of you together in a way that nothing else can! We encourage you to follow along every day.  If you are not in the habit of reading Scripture out loud together, give it a try and see what happens.

10 Days – 10 Prizes – 10 Winners

We have 10 amazing prizes to giveaway, and their will be one winner every day! Prizes from Day 3 Garden, Covenant Spice, Union 28 and many more!  We have books, couples gift packs, gift cards and some other surprises too!  Check back every day to enter! We will be using a simple  entry form.   Day 1’s form and prize is listed here (as a test run) but won’t go live till midnight Feb 5th!

Feb 5th is Go….

Are you in?

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26 Responses to On Your Mark…

  1. Yes, I am in. Even though we know we will fail, we’ll do the best we can. Why will we fail? My wife will have a surgery on the morning of Valentine’s day! But, until then…….!

    • Hi Evan! We are excited you and your wife are in for the challenge. I am sorry to hear that you wife is having surgery on Valentine’s Day. You could always start a day early . . . and remember the challange is about so much more then sex. It is about prioritizing sex and intimacy, but also prioritizing your spouse! So while it is great to “make” it the whole ten days, it is more about the journey and what God wants to show you then the 10 day mark. Know that we will be praying for you during the challenge. Hope your wife’s surgery goes well! Blessings, Kate

  2. I wouldn’t say that you’ll fail Evan. That’s not a good way to look at things. You may not be able to keep up the physical intimacy part all 10 days, but you can succeed in the other areas of intimacy. You can strive to succeed that much more in those areas too since you’ll be limited physically. The more you put into this, the more you’ll get out of it. Stay positive! 🙂

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for sharing and sooo true! We challenging couples to focus on ALL areas of intimacy, while taking the 10 day sex challenge! All areas are important to nurture! That is God’s awesome design! Glad you are joining us on the challenge! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate

  3. We are in! Actually, I haven’t mentioned it to hubby (I just found this yesterday) but I think he will enjoy the challenge. The final day is our 25 th wedding anniversary. I was looking for a great way to lead up to that celebration and I think I found it. Going back to read more of your articles since he is at a retreat all day!

    • Hi Julie! We are so excited to have you and your hubby joining us-even though he doesn’t know it yet! That is an awesome suprise and fun way to celebrate your 25th Anniversary! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate God’s plan for marriage and intimacy! You go girl! Know that we will be praying for you and your hubby as you join us! Blessings to you both! Kate

  4. we won’t be starting until after you are done. my period starts this week and then my hubby is gone for a week, so it will be the end of the month before we start… 🙁 We did the 7 days challenge from OneExtrordinaryMarriage.com last August, but kept feeling like we were just checking sex off the to-do list because we didn’t put effort into connecting in any other way… this time we are going in more intentionally.

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for writing and sharing! Oh the fun of having your period . . . the best plans always seem to be effected by that! lol! I have been there too! Start whenever is best for you. You can read all of our stuff when you are doing the challenge. But be sure to check out and enter for the great giveaways each day. Some awesome stuff! I am glad to hear you did the 7 day challenge with One Extraordinary Marriage, they are awesome and have a great ministry. I find that it can be very challenging to not just “check it off the list”! I even struggle with that mindset! Not on an everyday basis, but when doing the challenge, I keep thinking, ok, we have to make sure we find time. We are challenging all of our couples to focus on all areas of intimacy while doing the challenge and to seek God on what he wants to teach you through the challenge. It will be different for each marriage! Connecting in other ways, I believe will grow your intimacy deeper and wider! Know that we will be praying for you and your hubby! Blessings, Kate

    • We are thrilled that so many couples are excited join us on this journey! I know it will be a tremendous time for all of us to grown in your marriage! Enjoy the time! And keep checking back for all of the tips!

  5. I have been completely off on my days this week and last night my wife asked if I wanted to have sex. I replied with, “Well, tomorrow is the big day – the beginning of the 10 Day Challenge.” She laughed and informed me that I was one day ahead. “Well, in my head we’re starting tomorrow, so get ready!”

    All that to say, we’re going for 11 days!!! 😀

    • Hi James! That is awesome! I’ll let you in on the fact that we are going for more then 10 too! 🙂 We already started! We will be praying for you and your beloved! Blessings, Brad and Kate

  6. OK even though my husband wont be here for 10 days in a row I plan on jumping him the nights he is and getting him in the “spirit” of things. Ha! Thanks for the challenge. You guys constantly inspire me to inspire others. 🙂

    • Hi Christy! You go girl! I like hearing wives taking the initiative! We may have promtped the challenge, but it is all of you amazing husbands and wives out there that are willing to see what God wants to teach them through prioritizing intimacy! Thanks for you encouragement, it means so much to us both! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate

    • Hi Bob and Karen Wow! 36 1/2 years-you are truly mentors in our eyes! I am sure there is so much we could glean from your years of experience and God’s leading! We are so excited to have you join us and to encourage all couples that sex and intimacy can be a huge and important part of your marriage even after 36 1/2 years! Blessings to you both! Kate

  7. Is it midnight yet? We are very much looking forward to this time of getting closer with one another both physically and spiritually.

    • Hi Brian! LOl! No it is not midnight yet, but there is nothing to stop you for going for 11 days! You guys are awesome! We are so excited to have you joining us! Blessings to you and your beautiful wife! Blessings, Kate

  8. Hey OFM,

    I am a Pastor here in Greensboro, NC and I stumbled across you via twitter ], which led me to your site. We have new series coming in Febuary and we want to include the 10 Day Challenge as part of our series. Is that OK? Also, is there a collection of info and tips in one place that can help us help the married couples in our church as they take the challenge? Thanks for being a resource for all of us married folks!!


    • Hi Frank! We would love for you to include the 10 Day Challenge in your series. It is exciting to think of a church doing the 10 Day Challenge with us! Thank you for all you are doing for marriages in your church and community. Here the link to the some great info and last years daily tips. We will have daily tips and encouragements again this year as well as prizes, so stay tuned. Please email us if there is anything we can do to help or anything else you need! Our email is onefleshmarriage@gmail.com

      Blessings, Brad and Kate


    • Awesome! Glad to have you! Keep drawing close to God as you focus on intimacy and His plan for it in marriage! Blessings, Kate

    • Never! We are on day 2 of the 2013 Challenge. If you go to our home page you will see our current posts. This post is from last years challenge. You can start anytime, really! Blessings, Kate