4 Responses to Pleasing Him- Who, What and How!

  1. My husband’s friend recommended your blog and I’m so glad he did! Great message and thank you for your heart to help couples enjoy the wonderful marriages God has blessed us with. One flesh is the best way!

    I find when I’m soft towards God, it makes me soft towards my husband. By soft, I mean inclined to listen to God, open to correction, and thankful. The opposite is true too: if I’m blaise about serving God one day, that spills over to my spouse.

    • Hi Arlene! I am so glad you found us! One flesh is the best way, could not have said it better myself! I love what you say about being connected and soft with God helps you tremendously to be soft towards your hubby. I would also add that making regular time for sex and intimacy, sharing that very special bond God gave us, that we cannot expereince with anyone else-greatly softens us. It helps us to be connected in ways, we cannot completely comprehend. We are able to extend grace and love! I love that you shared that! Thank you for your thoughtful sharing! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate

  2. I LOVE this post because it is so right on! I only wish I had known that when I got married 15 years ago. I spent the good first few years trying to please my husband when all it did was exhaust me because it was all going the wrong way and in my own strength and energy I failed always. When I started serving my God first it was just the natural over flow of my heart to serve my husband next. I can always tell when I am missing the mark with God because I get selfish with my husband. Ha! Good way to stay balanced.

    • Hi Christy! Thanks for writing and sharing! Ditto, my friend-I too wish I had known this 13 years ago when I got married as well. I spent many of the first years trying to please my hubby and failed at every attempt. Then I would get so frustrated that I would get stuck in a very selfish mindset. Both Brad and I got stuck in selfishness. There can be no selfishness if one flesh is going to work. It is only once I too opened my heart up to what God asked of me as a wife, (Brad as well) that God’s lead the way and our marriage journey moved forward in the most amazing ways! I hear ya on being able to tell when things have gone a bit off course as well-always selfishness for me too! I find myself saying “But what about me?” I have learned to stop and pray, even go get my Bible and ground myself. Also praying paticular scriptures to myself has been such a blessing! Thank you very much for sharing! Blessings to you and your hubby! Kate