Wine & Cheese!

One of our favorite date nights is actually not going out at all!  We love to visit our local “cheese man” and get a few of our favorites!  Then after our kids are in bed, we sneak upstairs to our bedroom escape and have dinner just the two of us!  A dinner of adult conversation followed by 😉 relaxes us even after the busiest of weeks!

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2 Responses to Wine & Cheese!

  1. I like this idea! We are cheese-lovers, too, and also Lancastrians, and I am wondering who your cheese man is, and if you’ve tried the Town Clock Cheese Shoppe in Gap – we like to go there sometimes when the children are at Grandma’s for the weekend. Thanks for this website – bold and refreshing!

    • Yes! We love Bill at the Cheese Shoppe! We go there frequently when we want to have dinner date nite! In fact the picture in this post was taken with his cheese! If you go, ask to try the “better then Brie!” It’s amazing!