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Brad’s last post, Flirt was inspired by the Marriage Ministry Conference that we attended with one of our pastor’s and his wife.  Before I respond, I have to give a big shout out to Watermark Church and their Marriage Ministry program.  The heart of their ministry is to seek Jesus first and follow Jesus’ for leading in marriage.  If you are passionate about marriages and want to see your church have an active marriage ministry, PLEASE contact Watermark to hear about what they are doing.  The pastors and staff are amazing!  We hope and pray that they will continue to do their conference and pray that this marriage revolution will catch like wildfire!  Better marriages means better EVERYTHING!

As Brad shared, at the conference they shared a question they ask of their engaged and seriously dating couples; “are you ready to stop flirting?”  Flirting with others while you are married, is a dangerous game.  On the other side of the coin, are you intentional about flirting with your hubby?  Once we are married, we have our guys, hook line and sinker, right?  We do, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to be active in pursuing them as well as having fun.  Just like we want to know we are still our husband’s prized catch, so do they.

So why is there a need to keep right on flirting with your hunk of a catch??

Flirting is fun and lighthearted

It is nice to keep things light and fun.  Life throws us many curve balls and a great deal of seriousness.  For most of us, we fell in love with our spouse because they were a breath of fresh air in all the craziness of life.  Keep that going in your relationship.  Flirt on with that man of yours.

Flirting is sexy

Having little inside jokes or words to share that let each other know how sexy and attractive you think they are is so fun.  If you are not around others, well then just openly flirt about your hubby’s sexiness.  Keep that sexual flirting alive.

Flirting is keeping your hubby on your mind

One of the biggest huddles to overcome for wives is switching gears from being a mom or working to thinking about your hubby.  Flirting is a great way to make that switch easy and fun.  Send him a flirting email or text during the day.  Leave him a note in his lunch.  Think of fun ways to remind him how much you love him in ALL ways throughout the day!

Flirting is encouragement

Everyone likes to feel loved and cherished.  We cannot compliment each other enough in marriage.  When you flirt and talk to your hubby this way, I believe it is a great source of encouragement.  Your hubby will know that he is important to you and on your mind.

Flirting shares what you love about your hunk of a man

When you flirt be sure to share some of your favorite things about your hubby.  Not just physical but everything you love about him.  Flirt and never stop!  It is your right as his wife to flirt with him always and in the most provocative ways.  😉

Flirting is Biblical!

Just threw that one in there to see if you were paying attention!  It may not be biblical in that there are specific verses that talk about it, but it is absolutely pro marriage!  So go forth and flirt!

What are some excellent ways that you have found to flirting with your hubby now that you are married?  Do you struggle to flirt with your man or do you love it? I would love to hear what you think!

Our friend and fellow, Sheila Gregoire of To Love, Honor and Vacuum did an amazing post 16 Ways to Flirt with your Husband.  Hop on over and check it our for some fun ideas.  Also be sure to check out Watermark Church and pray about talking to your church about exploring what they have going on there.  Totally a Jesus marriage movement!!

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One Response to Flirt Like You Mean It!

  1. I do find that things like sexting during the day, making little sexual jokes or using sexual code words is very helpful in keeping sex at the front of my mind, rather than way in the back!