Running A Marriage Marathon

Kate says…

When we entered the world of Christian marriage blogging, we knew that God was asking us to share our journey and our hearts. When we started One Flesh marriage 2 years ago we had no idea where marriage blogging would take us and the amazing people we would meet.

Over the past 2 years this journey together has been a highlight even during hard times. Our readers amaze us every day. They encouraging us, challenge us and sharing their stories with us. We very thankful for you all of you. To celebrate our 2 years together we are starting a series of posts answering the heartfelt questions you ask.We are highlighting the top 6 questions we are asked by our readers. So for the next 12 days we will tackle these questions, both Brad and I from the husband and wife perspective, separately. To make it even more interesting Brad and I will be answering the question without knowing what the other person said. We hope you will join us and dive into some tough marriage questions.

Never Run Alone

Over the past two years we have come to cherish another amazing group of people, other Christian marriage bloggers. Words cannot express how getting to know others doing online Christian marriage ministry has enriched our lives and ministry. We are proud to be a part of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association (CMBA).

The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association is a community of online Christian marriage ministries that exists as a gathering place, like the Biblical watering well we provide a safe place to come together in order to encourage each other while we uplift marriages around the world.

I would highly recommend following the CMBA Twitter account @UpliftMarriage to stay updated with posts from more then 60 fantastic Christian marriage bloggers!

If you are a Christian marriage blogger and want to join us in uplifting marriage and encouraging each other, then check out our mission and values statement. If you have a questions, feel free to contact the Core Team at any time.

Part of why we are doing the 6 questions is because CMBA is running a 1/2 marathon blogging challenge, encouraging everyone to write every day for the first 13 days in October. As you all know we are not usually everyday bloggers. Yet, we are excited about giving this challenge a go! Many other marriage bloggers are going to be taking part as well and I have no doubt there will be awesome posts!

The Challenge starts tomorrow…. So here we go with the top questions we receive from our readers!

What do you think the top questions are? Answer in the comments and check back to see if you are right!

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11 Responses to Running A Marriage Marathon

  1. From men: “How can I get my wife to have sex with me more often?”

    From women: “How can I get my husband to stop bugging me for sex so much?”

    From women: “How can I get my husband to come to church with me?”

    From men: “What do I have to do to turn my wife on?”

    From women: “How do I get my husband to talk more?”

    From men: “How do I get my wife to stop spending so much time rambling on and on and get to the point more quickly in conversation?”

  2. How can I trust my spouse after infidelity?? If that isn’t a question, it should be…Please answer it. Please

  3. I’m gonna guess most of the questions deal with sex and communication.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your answers over the next couple weeks!

    God bless you both.

  4. Brad & Kate – Thank you so much for what the two of YOU have done to make the CMBA a reality. Many had dreamed of such a thing, but when God put it in your hearts it happened.

    You two are such a blessing!

  5. I’m really thankful that I stumbled upon CBMA. I know that God is leading me to share my story and it is nice to know that I can do it among a group of Christians, praying for each other and lifting one another up. God is so good. I love what you are doing.

  6. I read your article last night but wanted to come back to it with my questions:-) from a wife to her husband:
    If you’ve committed adultery, what makes you think that your wife will trust you if you continue to seek friendships with females who are not mutual friends with both you and your wife?
    As the head of your household, you are expected to provide. Why is your focus set on chasing a dream/hobby that does not bring in income instead of building on your skills that have more of a chance of being valued in a career?

    Looking forward to seeing which questions you’ll answer! 🙂