Why Mess With A Masterpiece?

To celebrate OFM’s 2nd birthday we are answering the top 6 reader’s questions:

Question #6 – What do I do if I don’t feel my spouse is attractive anymore?

Kate says…

As the number of anniversaries grows we grow and change as a couple. Once we are married we usually allow ourselves to get comfortable together, which is a good thing! We are not looking to find a husband or wife anymore, so we get comfy. The reality is, we are going to change over the years and while not all of the change will be fun, from a personal standpoint it doesn’t have to be negative!

Change is going to happen. How we feel about these changes will greatly affect our marriage. Do we see them as the continued work of an amazing God on a masterpiece that is yet to be completed? Or do we see them as a masterpiece being altered? 

A Changing Masterpiece

Would I love for my hubby to stay the same hunk I married many years ago? While part of me says yes, the other part of me (the part that wins out every time) says I am greatly enjoying the more mature, slightly older version of my hubby. His physical features have changed, but so has the rest of him. The piece of art God is creating in him is truly amazing.

The other thing we need to remember is that we have changed over the years too! I am not the spring chicken I once was. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! My reaction to him has also changed over the years as well. It is not always a hot and instant passion, but more of a low eternal flame that is always burning and just needs a little encouragement to turn into the hot, intense heat of passion.

We wives can “look again for the first time” at our hubby’s! We rather then trying to change the painting we can embrace who they are now and the sexy masterpiece they have become. Need a few ideas?

Spend Time Re-exploring your Hubby’s Body

Give him a long sensual massage, spending time getting to know each area of him. Don’t just think about how it may have changed, but embrace, love and admire who he has become. Touch him often, give hugs, kisses and snuggles. Observe and enjoy his body with your hands and other senses. If you do this often, the differences of time will become blurry and eventually all you can see is the sexy man in front of you.

Tell Him What you Love About His Body

Our guys need to hear us telling them how sexy they are. They need it just as much as we want and need to hear how beautiful we are! What do you admire most about your hubby’s body? If you are still unsure, go back to step 1! There are parts of my hubby I have always loved and I share that with him. There are parts, as a more mature wife, I have come to greatly enjoy. Tell your husband how much you appreciate these areas of his body. And don’t forget to just show him too! 🙂

Roll it all together

When marriage, sex, and our hubby’s body doesn’t seem the same as it used to be remember to think of ALL the ways you hubby has grown and matured. Being loved and embraced for who we are is a vital part of a one flesh marriage journey. Being loved even with our faults, to be totally known by our spouse-that kind of connection is what I believe God wants us to focus on.

It’s A Gift

As his wife, his body is yours (1 Corinthians 7). That is a precious gift, given to us! If you find yourself worried about his differences and your attraction to him, pray that God will help you to re-explore your his body. Pray for him to grow to cherish his body even more than when you were first married.

It is my hope that all the wives out there will connect or re-connect with their sexy husband who still fans that slow, eternal flame within them. Make a point to share how much you love your husband’s body today!

We need to love and find our spouse attractive through all phases of life. Will your attraction grow and change in different ways? Absolutely! Celebrate that and focus on rediscovering one another.

Have you struggled with finding your spouse attractive at different times in your marriage?

How did you refocus your thinking to the positive? 

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15 Responses to Why Mess With A Masterpiece?

    • Hi Cassandra! I have to be honest, my hubby thought of the picture and told me all about it. I am a little out of touch with the news sometimes-something to do with my three kids! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Blessings, Kate

  1. After 4 kids, I still am incredibly turned on my wife’s body, it really has nothing much to do with the physically characteristics I think, it’s that it’s HER body.

    • I love that, Jay. 🙂 I think that’s the important truth that many people miss out on. Sexual attraction isn’t just about physical appearance – when we are living within God’s plan for marriage, it’s about LOVE. I absolutely adore my husband’s thinning hairline, and the fact that he’s a couple inches shorter than me – I find those things incredibly sexy! Some of the things he loves most about me are things I always hated – like my big ears that stick out, or my ankles. He even thinks my cellulite is adorable! I have never known any other person who thought cellulite was cute, and I was highly skeptical at first, but he sincerely does…. I think more of us need to wear “love goggles” in our marriages. Our standard of beautiful/handsome/sexy should be our spouses – not the lies the media bombards us with in order to make money.

  2. My husband is the same way – he loves my curvy softness! I’m at a very healthy weight, but I’m definitely more jiggly than I used to be, and he just can’t get enough of it. He has also told me not to lose weight and not to get too toned when I exercise! Something about guys and squishy bits….haha.

    • Hi Jenny! That is awesome and what a man you have! Praise God! I love to hear these things from husbands and wives! Blessings, Kate

      • I do have an amazing man! He works to keep his eyes only on me, and we both reap the benefits, because when he looks at my naked body there is absolute, unconcealed delight in his eyes! (His eyes are very expressive, and one look at his face will immediately tell me what he’s feeling.) Anything that I consider a flaw, he cherishes, because it’s part of what makes me, me. I am very blessed.

  3. The difference between men and women astounds me sometimes. I have never looked at my husband and thought “man he has really gained weight” or “wow, his receding hair line keeps…receding…” – I was attracted to him for everything else that he was when we were dating, in addition to his looks and his crazy sexy calves (who knew?!?), and I am still attracted to him. But then again, I always struggled to accept that if I think about my attraction to him that way, why can’t I believe that HIS attraction to me hasn’t changed? Thank God he’s working in that area of my heart and life and I know that my husband is attracted to me, whereas before I always just wondered, or assumed he didn’t. I finally learned that if I can believe that i am the beautiful creation God made me to be, then nothing else matters. I don’t even think about the rest. And I see my husband as a beautiful creation. It’s the heart. That’s what I see and that is more attractive than any physical feature. I love that you wrote “It is not always a hot and instant passion, but more of a low eternal flame that is always burning and just needs a little encouragement to turn into the hot, intense heat of passion.” So very true!

    • Hi Jamie! I love what you have shared, thank you for being willing! I think many of us have been where you are and struggled with thoughts very similar! Keep seeking Him and he will lead you! Blessings, Kate

  4. Hi Livinginblurredlines! Thanks for sharing. It is so awesome and encouraging when husbands seek to love and enjoy their wives through all of lifes changes! It is how I believe God has designed it. The issue that becomes the real hindurance is when you don’t feel good about yourself. There are emotional and physical issues involved. It is then that people might need to look at what they can do to change and quite honestly it may have nothing to do with changing physically, but instead exploring why they don’t feel good about themselves. Know what I mean? Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, Kate