2012 Wife’s Gift Guide to Knock Your Hubby’s Socks Off

Kate says . . .

How many of you look forward to grandpa’s fun ties, mom’s special pie, celebrating the coming of our Savior through advent, and waking up insanely early just to see the looks on the kids faces every Christmas season? Just as those things make the holidays fun, we have found that our gift guides are becoming a tradition at One Flesh Marriage as well. As you plan for the holidays, it is my hope that you do a lot of thinking and planning for your hubby. My hubby is the most precious gift God has blessed me with and his Son Jesus made it all possible. Have fun planning and daydreaming about Christmas with your man!

Make special plans to go to a movie, concert or the theater together during the Christmas season!

While you are shopping, planning, baking, and partying with friends and family, make a special point to plan a night out for just you and your hubby during this busy holiday season. Try to make it extra special and not just another typical night out. Like in the movie “Date Night“, they tend to fall into the same dates and finally try something new and it’s an adventure. Brad and I absolutely love the movie date night, (though there are a few scenes we could do without). It speaks to many valid issues in marriage and makes you laugh-which is always good!

Bring back something old and rejuvenate it!

Most of us wives out there have the drawer full of lingerie that is collecting dust. Let’s be practical ladies, we can’t wear it all the time and seriously, who wants to? Yet within that drawer is some oldies but goodies. Now if they are truly old, maybe it is time to toss them. On the other hand if they are just “less used”, pull um out, dust them off (probably washing would be best) and use them! Old or new, I am sure your hubby will love seeing them on you. Even more than that he will love seeing the desire you have for him!

Soak it up . . . together!

Christmas Eve is a great time to take a quiet bath together. Maybe baths are something you two enjoy regularly or perhaps you have never tried. Either way it is a great way to relax and enjoy each other. Mind and body. Set the scene with candles and some nice smelling bath salts or bubbles. Keep in mind your hubby is probably not into anything overpowering or overly floral. One of our favorites online stores, Day Three Bath and Body has amazing products that are all natural, hand-made and just plain fabulous! Check out their site and plan a relaxing bath night.

Write out a fantasy you have and give it to your hubby!

I know this is a bit out of most people’s comfort zone, but I assure you he will enjoy knowing how you fantasize about him. This is one of those gifts that is best given in private, not on Christmas morning with his mom looking over his shoulder. We all have had thoughts about things we would like our husband to wear, or places we would like to share sex with him. Write one down and give it to him as a gift. Just be prepared to act on it ladies! 😉

Wrap up Yourself!

Presents are great, everyone likes unwrapping them to see what lies beneath. Your husband will be like a kid on Christmas morning if you wrap yourself up, and he won’t even care that he has already seen what lies beneath. How you might ask? Well not every present has to be wrapped the same. So just do whatever works for you. Maybe you will only wrap certain places or just around the middle. Be creative and remember your hubby will love it. Just make sure the kids are in bed and SOUND asleep before you start wrapping.

The One Thing

Think hard ladies . . . what is the one thing he has been talking about for the past couple of months that he wishes he could have or buy? Christmas is a great time to spoil our hubby a bit, letting gifts show how much we love and appreciate him. Show him that you are a good listener and that his requests have not gone unnoticed.

Sex in front of the Christmas tree?

Um, yes! Mood lighting is always a good thing, when setting the mood for sex. What not use those beautiful Christmas lights to cast a glow on the two of you! I bet it will be the best thing he has ever unwrapped in front of the tree! You making time to share sex with him over the holidays is going to be better than anything you could buy him! It will keep you both feeling connected to each other, will allow you to extend grace to one another and help you to deal with holiday stresses as a team. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Then get to it girl!  🙂

Have a great idea you want to add? By all means share with us. Your gift idea might really strike a chord with someone else and be a huge blessing!

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15 Responses to 2012 Wife’s Gift Guide to Knock Your Hubby’s Socks Off

  1. Okay, I got my nerve up to share this FUNNY story about wrapping myself up! Years ago, I planned to surprise my husband by wrapping myself up in saran wrap! Well, he ended up coming home later than expected and I fell asleep. The warmth of my body kind of melted the end pieces and I can’t tell you how hilarious it was trying to get unwrapped!! Scott sure was surprised AND there was a lot of laughter mixed with the passion! Would have made a hilarious testimony of how tight the clingwrap held!

  2. Some nice ideas, but I’m looking for ideas that don’t involve sex? There are some men out there that are just not as interested. Got anything else, really?

    • Hi Nichole! Thanks for writing and asking a great question. There are lots of ideas that don’t include sex, some of which I listed above. Yet, making sex a priority is a positive in your marriage no matter what. If your hubby is the lower drive spouse (which is not uncommon), I would still encourage you to make it a priority. God shares how important it is in our marriage relationship and while that is tough at different times in our marriage journey, it is vital. We too have gone through ups and downs so to speak-everyone does. Intimacy and all that leads up to sex as well as during and after is meant to bond a couple. I know we talk a great deal about sex and intimacy here, but that is because God makes it a big deal and we have seen first hand what happens when you neglect it. I don’t mean to offend in any way, but we will keep talking about it because that is what God has placed on our hearts.

      That being said, going to a movie or a play, taking a bath (being naked together does not have to lead to sex), buying him what he really would like but won’t buy for himself, those are all things that I suggested. You can also identify his love language and pick keeping that in mind. Whatever you do in making your hubby a priority, will build intimacy!

      Blessings, Kate

  3. I’ve gone through your list. Not one of them will work in my situation.
    Draw full of lingerie’ I use to. Haven’t worn anything sexy in about 5 years. He use to buy me really beautiful lingerie. He stopped. I asked why and well the answer was “Loose the weight and I’ll buy them again.” Well, I’ve lost the weight and now it’s too late. It wouldn’t matter if I did wear them. He’s not looking, not interested and could care less.
    Add to that his health tanked and meds have made relations impossible for the last three years.
    Bath? Master only has shower and I’m not being rejected and ejected again.

    I did 3 and 4. He laughed so hard he could barely breath. Then made fun of me for months afterwards. No thank you.
    5 isn’t happening I did that for his Birthday and he wont even use the Android tablet I got him.
    6 If 1-2 isn’t happening that isn’t either.
    We use to be both high drive. Just me now.

    Got any other ideas?

  4. Love these suggestions!! The written fantasy one I have deployed in the past. Another one is to remind him of his (our) favorite way/position to make love and promise it will happen at a certain time. The anticipation is crazy!