2012 Guy’s Gift Guide to Wow your Wife

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It’s that time again. Time to wrack your brain to discover the perfect gift your wife will adore Christmas morning. I think all husbands want to find that amazing, wow gift that will bring a gleam to our wife’s eye and make us the Christmas hero! Unfortunately, this is often a difficult task. Do not fear, this year in what is becoming a One Flesh Marriage tradition we are coming to your aid and have some awesome ideas to make your Christmas gift a huge success!

Finding the Right Gift

If you have visited OFM before you have heard me sing the praises of Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages. If you aren’t familiar with this excellent book, then you just discovered gift number one. Check out my post, “Now You’re Speaking My Language” to get the gist of it because in order to find the perfect Christmas present you have to know how to speak your wife’s love language.

If Your Wife Is….

I love The 5 Love Languages Men’s Edition, because it ends each section with a page that says, “If you wife is this then do this…” How could it get any easier! I decided to do the same thing with a list of awesome Christmas gift ideas for your wife. Under each “Love Language” I suggest three different gifts.

One idea to wow your wife this Christmas that has little or no cost.

One idea that will cost under $40 for a wow! 

One idea that is maybe a bit more extravagant but your wife is worth it!

Here we go….

Quality Time

If your wife speaks in the language of quality time then your gifts need to be about creating time for just the two of you together. Get this right and there is ample rewards for both of you, she gets the time she is looking for and you get a special time together too!

A great no cost idea is to give your wife a calendar already marked with special dinner date nights on it. A dinner date night is simply a night that you make dinner at home for just the two of you. You feed the kids earlier, maybe ship them off to bed, or at least to other activities and then you have a 1-on-1 dinner with your wife! Go all out, plan the dates, maybe even make up menus of some of her favorite meals!

Your attention is very important to your quality time wife. Nothing irritates her more than when you check your phone in the middle of dinner, or “alone time”. Problem solved. Get her the “Cell Phone Lock-Up” It’s a tiny jail for your cell phone and includes an alarm in case there is a break out before the 30 or 60 minute sentence is completed. I promise it will bring her chuckles and joy! Oh and don’t worry there is room for her phone in their too!

Skip the diamonds for your quality time wife, a much more meaningful extravagant gift would be planned monthly dates. These could be just dinner at a quiet restaurant, or you could make each one unique. Plan everything, the date, location, even the sitter! Schedule for the whole year! I promise she will adore all the work and enjoy each and every special day! It will be a gift to your marriage the whole year through.

Acts of Service

If your wife speaks the language of service you have your work cut out for you this Christmas. Services are not that easy to wrap up as gifts under the tree, but with a little planning you should still be able to wow her on Christmas Day and for months following.

Acts of services are all about doing something for others to communicate that you see their needs and care about them. A low-cost idea is to create Service Coupons, special coupons stating the jobs that you will be doing for her in the coming weeks or months. Unlike other coupons, these don’t have to be turned in to get the reward. An acts of service wife will probably never turn them in anyway. The coupons are only to mark the tasks that you are going to undertake. Think hard, I’m sure you know some tasks that you could do!

One of the tasks that seems to bring issues in every home is deciding what to have for dinner. Even though the question comes every night, “What’s for dinner?” easily elicits added stress and frustration in many homes. eMeals is a great online service that helps eliminate that problem. For a small fee they will create custom meal plans, grocery lists, and even check local grocery store adds for deals. Save 15% on all Meal Plans with code HOLIDAY http://www.emeals.com/

Want to splurge? The absolute best gift you could give a wife who loves acts of service is to take a major task off her list. How about hiring a cleaning service? Even if you can’t afford it for a whole year, even a month or two could be a huge gift!

Words of Affirmation

Words don’t usually fit into boxes, but with a little thought they can! You still have time to make some really awesome gifts if your wife speaks love in words. Yes, I said make. You are going to have to put a little more effort in because your words are essential to the equation.

You have an awesome opportunity to give a completely free gift that will absolutely wow your wife. All you have to do is sit down and write her a romantic letter. Pour out your thoughts, passions, ideas and dreams onto a page. Handwriting is best as it shows a deeper level of thought and commitment, but she won’t balk at a typed note either.

Words are important to deliver not just on Christmas but everyday. You can help keep the words flowing by giving her the Mr. & Mrs. -Two in One Journal. These unique journals are perfect for giving daily love notes, special prayers, encouragements and praises. Don’t give it to her blank, start it with a few words and you will have a wowed wife!

Sometimes there are a few special words that have deep meaning for you and your wife. For Kate and I these are the verses from Song of Solomon “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. A few years ago I had rings made up with this verse inscribed on them. There are many shops (local and online) that will custom inscribe jewelry. Find the perfect words and make something she will treasure always!

Physical Touch

Gifts of touch might not seem very easy, but with a little thought and planning you can give your wife who loves physical touch a real wow!

Touch is free, the time it takes is what often doesn’t happen. Give your wife special custom designed coupons for all of her favorite touches. Massages, foot rubs, back scratches, and more. Be creative! She will love them!

Go all out and combine those coupons with some special products. You can find massage oils, lotions, and more at Day Three Bath and Body. They sell awesome, all natural products your wife will love. Looking for more? How about a Massage Oil Warmer! The “official” ones are expensive, but this works just as well for under $20.

Contact a local professional photographer and schedule a special couples photo sitting. Ideally find a unique outdoor setting where the two of you could enjoy smiling and holding hands and the moment will be captured forever. This could be a great multiple gift as the prints might just be ready to present in time for Valentines day!


You would think that a wife who speaks love in the language of gifts would be easy to shop for at Christmas. In theory it is simple, any gift will work, but in truth gifts is all about paying attention to your wife’s interests and needs and showing her you pay attention to her. Here are a few ideas to help you get this right.

Scott Means at Journey to Surrender ran a wonderful series on growing intimacy. He just published it as an ebook that you can get for free! This book will help you think about multiple ways to give a gift of intimacy to your wife this Christmas.

Think about your wife’s interests, hobbies, and joys. What does she like to do when she actually has time to do things? Is there anything she has been talking about wanting? These are your best clues guys, because that’s all I’ve got for you. You are going to have to figure out what will wow your wife on your own!


** UPDATE** 

Be sure to find more ideas in the 2013 Edition of the Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife!

Do you have other ideas? What gifts really wowed your wife in years past? Share the knowledge you might have the perfect idea for someone else!

A few of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that Kate and I will get a tiny percentage of any purchases you make. If you are shopping at Amazon this Christmas use this link and your gift will help defray the costs of running One Flesh Marriage! Thanks!

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7 Responses to 2012 Guy’s Gift Guide to Wow your Wife

  1. Great post!

    My suggestion to guys is get on her Pinterest account and find her board that says “Want” or “Wish I Had” or anything like that. Peruse her pins and you’ll find more than a few items she really wants. She will be stunned that you “found” them. 🙂

  2. This is a great list! I love the idea of gifts based on love languages-I just don’t see how you can miss! Your commenter Mindy offered a great idea too-get onto Pinterest and see what the ladies want!