Christmas 2012

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As we sat in our Christmas service Sunday morning, I was thinking of all you out there that are on a one flesh journey with your spouse. The Christmas season comes and so does the awesome opportunity to celebrate the greatest story ever with your spouse, kids, family and friends. Listening to our kids praising God yesterday morning was, well amazing. To see the light of Jesus in our little ones is something that is hard to accurately put into words. Jesus feels the exact same way about us when he sees the light of the Father shining through us, Jesus and the angels rejoice.Merry Christmas from One Flesh Marriage

As this season rushes by don’t forget that it is all about a relationship with Jesus. Not about perfection, rules or reaching a destination, but about seeking a relationship with a Savior. Rules are great and we all need them, to keep order in our lives. Yet they can become a stumbling block to the freedom and life, God desires for us. Search God’s heart for you as his child and for you as a husband or a wife. There is great freedom in a life with Jesus. We are incredibly thankful for all of our OFM readers. Our marriage journey would not be the same without each and every one of you. Iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).

Our Savior entered the world, not with bells and whistles, but on a beautiful starlit night in a humble stable-all so that the great divide would be crossed allowing us to once again be in the most special relationship with God and through that we could have life abundantly.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

We as parents are always thinking of ways to keep the story of Jesus at the center of the Advent season. This year, each night we are reading through Bartholomew’s Passage: A Family Story for Advent. Our three have LOVED these stories and are excited to follow along with these kids as they experience our Savior entering the world.

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