Seesaw With Jesus

Brad says…

Do you keep a running list of what you do for your wife and family? Do you have a list of all the things your wife doesn’t do or does wrong? Have you ever stopped doing something you know your wife likes because “she isn’t doing her part”? All of these are symptoms of a 50/50 marriage.

6 Responses to Seesaw With Jesus

  1. I realized a concept quite like this one last year. This is backed by scripture. I started loving my husband intentionally. I was tired of the seesaw, although I had recognized it as such. I like intentional loving. I am making the choice and it isn’t based on my husband’s merit.

    • I like intentionally loving as well, Dawn and thanks for sharing! Love is a feeling, but it is also a choice and you hit the nail on the head-it is not based on merit! That is the attitude we need to keep and not the selfish one that tells us, we only love when we are loved and get what we want! Spot on!

      Blessings, Kate

    • It is scary, Akil, in many ways! Yet it is the only way to seek the marriage God desires and designed for us! Blessings to you as you seek God and his desire for your marriage! Kate