I’m Not Sure He Really Loves Me?!?

Kate says . . .

We are all about talking marriage here at One Flesh Marriage. Yet there are some foundations in the way we think about God that greatly affect how we think and feel about our hubby. They also affect how we think our hubby feels about us. So on that note wives . . .

  • Do you truly believe that God loves you?What Is Love
  • Do you believe that no matter what (what you have done or will do in the future) you are loved by a God who knows your name?
  • Do you believe that you are beautiful in God’s sight?
  • Do you trust Him to never stop loving you?
  • Do you believe you are worthy of His love?

For much of my life I struggled with those questions. Not only that, but if I was honest I would have answered “no” to all of them. I feared God and never really believed I was worthy of his love. I did not trust him because I did not believe I was capable of being the person God wanted me to be! I wanted to show God, that I could be good and obedient. When I was not and made mistakes, I feared that he was disappointed with me and therefore loved me less. When I was not the best wife or momma, I felt that he thought so too.

This is so far from the truth of our God. Not only is it so far from the truth it affects how we feel self-worth as well as if we feel worthy and assured of our husband’s love. When we believe with reckless abandon that God loves us deeply and that He will never stop no matter what, then we can love others and receive love with a different assurance.

Today I have a challenge to you amazing wives out there-and I know you are amazing because I KNOW how God sees you. I challenge you to seek God’s heart and believe how much he loves you. He is not a God who keeps score of when we do good and when we fail. When we ask forgiveness, we get it, the past is gone, clean slate, erased and unlike us-he does not think about it again. That is how much He loves you!

Our pastor recently shared, “God doesn’t punish, sin punishes because Jesus has taken all of our punishment on himself.” Sin has consequences and God allows us to walk through those consequences on earth. He also allows us to go through pain, suffering, persecution and trials, but that does not diminish his love for each of us! He hurts when we hurt, even when we have brought it on ourselves. Because of Jesus, God already sees us as saints seated with Him, that is not something that happens just in heaven. He already sees us in that way.

So wives, will you start a journey today of truly seeking to understand how much God loves you? When you do it will be like balm to your soul and will allow you to love your hubby and receive his love in a new way.

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5 Responses to I’m Not Sure He Really Loves Me?!?

  1. Thank you! This is the best article I have read in a long time, and I read a lot of good ones. I am printing it out and will read it again and share it with friends. I guess I have some seeking to do.

  2. I appreciate the post and do understand what you mean, but you (or anyone, for that matter) aren’t “worthy” of God’s love. All humans are sinners and rightly deserve God’s wrath and hell. It was his sovereign grace, not our worthiness, that saved us.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Joao, but I disagree! We are worthy-ONLY through and because of what Jesus did. Our identity is in Him! We do not deserve grace, but through Jesus we are given it, when we believe! We may deserve God’s wrath and judgement, that is true, since we are sinners, yet (and this is so important) God loves us regardless, His love for us NEVER ends and NEVER gives up! When we stop living in the belief that we have no worth, we find freedom in Jesus, to love and recieve love as He intended!

  3. I love this message Kate!! So timely with Good Friday around the corner! You are such a blessing!