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Kate says, with Brad echoing . . . .

It is our hope to regularly (each week) share other marriage resources that we have gleaned from through the week. There are so many amazing ministries out there that are sharing good stuff about God’s plan for marriage. We hope you will stop and check them out. This weeks finds are:

The Sexual Sin No One Will Talk About – I am a little late to the game on this one, but what an amazing post by our friend Julie at Intimacy In Marriage. Ongoing sexual refusal is something we talk a lot about here at OFM as do many of our marriage blogger friends. It is also something we hear from many readers who are hurting deeply!OFM Love Links

Catch Me If You Can – I love what Debi shares about this recent slip and fall in her life, God has given our hubby’s wisdom! I also LOVE the sign that Debi and Tom have in their bedroom that they can regularly change and encourage each other with-such a great idea!!

Bold and Audacious & Fearless and Persistent – Two amazing posts on prayer. Prayer and marriage-watch out!!!

Meet for a Meal – Love this and I love it when Brad and I get to share a meal, just the two of us!

Controlling in the Bedroom – I bet that lots of you out there feel that there are issues of control in the bedroom. Always love the biological information that Paul brings to the mix so we can better understand this awesome thing called marriage!

How To Pray For Sexual Intimacy – J’s post on the Unveiled Wife sharing about praying for you sexual intimacy. Do you do it? I do and let me tell you, it is a good thing! Oh and J’s new site looks amazing-after all that long and hard work!  🙂

Understanding our Sexual Layers – Very interesting and true! Shannon has some new books coming out soon and I am so thankful for her wisdom and willingness to share!

Are You Ready For Children? – I love this post, looks at the practical but in the end, Erin states what is so true . . .

Any posts you love that we missed? Let us know in the comments


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3 Responses to Love Links

  1. We love doing ministry alongside of you too Erin! God has so richly blessed us with an amazing Marriage Blogging family! Hope you and Matt and your little guy are doing well! 🙂 Kate

  2. Thanks for the link, y’all. I love it when bloggers share their collection of weekly links. You get to “meet” so many new folks.

  3. Thank you for sharing resources! We always meet for a meal! It is one of our prized quality times that we don’t let anything take over. Dinner time together each night.