Marriage and Adoption

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We have shared bits and pieces of our adoption story here at OFM. For those of you who don’t know, we have an adopted son from Ethiopia. He has been an incredible light and blessing in our lives. Through our adoption as with all of our parenting, there have been mountaintop joys and deep valley lows. In the times of frustration and tears it can be very isolating. It is vital that we ask for Jesus to guide us and give us all we need to raise our children. It is also good to at times, surround ourselves with others who have been through of have gone through what we are going through, to encourage, search God’s word and pray together. We have been so blessed to share our adoption and marriage story at a couple of phenomenal adoption conferences (listed below). If you are in the process of adopting/fostering or have already, be sure to check out these amazing resources and consider joining there conferences. For all you local Lancaster, PA folks, two are close by.

Hope at Home – For adoptive/foster parents

“Hope at Home 2013″ adoptive/foster parenting conference will be a time of refreshing as we encounter the Father’s heart towards adoptive families. It is going beyond a traditional conference to equip and restore parents as they face the exciting and often challenging role of partnering with God to transform orphans into Sons and Daughters. (Retreat near Atlanta, Georgia)

Created for Care – For adoptive moms

Through weekend retreats we hope to bring rest, encouragement and training to equip & care for moms with hearts for adoption. (Retreat near Atlanta, Georgia)

Together Called – For adoptive/foster parents

Together Called is an opportunity to come together, a place for husbands and wives to be encouraged as they live this out, a place for us to learn and fellowship together as a community.

Join us February 21nd-23rd, 2014 at the Inn at Leola Village in Lancaster County, PA to hear from Stephen and Beth Templeton (founders of Hope at Home), faithful servants and parents of 7 children. Be prepared to see things in a new way or be reminded of truths we know as we seek together how adoption can restore our first love. (Retreat near Lancaster, PA)

Joy for the Journey – For adoptive moms

We are called to help adoptive and pre-adoptive moms better minister to their families through our annual retreats. We offer prayer support and practical resources throughout the year. Our events are marked by cutting edge speakers and resources on topics that Christian mothers need: they all reflect the various kinds of adoption including international, foster-to-adopt, transracial, special needs and domestic adoptions. At our retreats, you will be surrounded by others who “get it.” Come to one of our Joy for the Journey Retreats and be inspired, enlightened and encouraged. (Retreat near Baltimore, Maryland)

If you have any questions about any of the conferences please comment or email us. We hope you will check them out!

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7 Responses to Marriage and Adoption

  1. Kate and Brad, thanks so much for sharing Hope at Home and these other wonderful events. It is so exciting to me to see God raising up such wonderful resources for parents. So needed. Oh how He loves us!

  2. A lady at our church just had the hearing for custody of their son they were trying to adopt. They did get it! It was however a very stressful time for them. I will be forwarding this information on to them! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. I wish some of these conferences and retreats were nearer our side of the country. We have adopted four special needs children which significantly amps up many of the issues of adoption. Our children have been a tremendous blessing to us but there are times when we have nearly drowned trying to deal with the issues caused by their early childhood trauma and substance exposure. That requires firm faith, a good support network (not so easy to find) and the right information to help your child (extremely difficult to find). Thank you for giving encouragement to parents like us.

    • I totally get the Eric! Where are you guys? If you don’t want to give exact location, what is the biggest city near you? I will ask around and see if anyone knows of anything like this near you! You guys are our heroes! Blessings, Kate

  4. Great article Kate, all blessings to you and your family.Very few couples are there, over the world, could properly adopt child. I wish a happy and prosperous life to you and your family. God bless you.

    • Thank Ethenic, we appreciate your kind words! Though I feel the need to say that while we have had a heart for adoption and would not change it for the world, we have had some “not so great” moments too! As in all of life, nothing is all glorious. We have ups and downs just like everyone. Thank you again! Blessings, Kate

  5. Thanks so much for sharing about this year’s Together Called. We’re anticipating it to be a time of great blessing for families and are already actively preparing 2015’s Together Called!