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Kate says . . .

Awesome Marriage stuff this week:OFM Love Links

Reader Question: How Do I Resist Having Sex with My Fiance? – The Question I remember asking ourselves and I think so many others are as well.  Great thoughts from Sheila over at, To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

The Alabaster Jar – Jolene is running a great series for the month of October.  So many good posts from wives!  Check them out!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Scott shares of the importance of staying connected during seasons of travel and separation.  Such a great post!

 Porn is Poison to Real Sex – Paul takes on this important topic to share some new findings

The Me in Me – Scott reviews a great book, Grace Filled Marriage, by Tim Kimmel.  Brad is 1/2 way through this one and loves it already. He’ll be posting a review myself sometime soon, in the mean time check out Scott’s!




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