Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife – 2013

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Shopping time is here, and we don’t have much time left to procrastinate guys, so it is time to put your thinking caps on and figure out that perfect Christmas gift for your wife! Picking the right gift is all about listening and paying attention to your wife’s preferences. I like guides like this because even if it doesn’t contain the perfect gift, it gets your brain juices flowing and will give you a place to start.

So before you even start thinking about the gifts, I want you to get a mental picture of your wife. Think about what she likes, what helps her to relax, what makes her smile, what makes her laugh, and what lets her know she is loved.Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife

Now that you have those thoughts in your head here is a dozen ideas to help you get started.

Help Her Relax

If your wife is anything like mine, she works and works and works! A wife and mom’s job is never done. So anything you can do to help her relax will be a welcome treat. Here are a few ideas:

Kindle Books: My wife loves to read; a while back I bought her a Kindle which she loves. I eventually discovered how to continue to give her the gift of new books too. Pick out a book on Kindle, and hit the “give as gift” button. This will allow you to pick a date for it to be delivered. Go to a used book store and raid their quarter paperback section. Now to give her the fun of unwrapping that digital gift, raid a used book store’s 25¢ rack, print out the cover picture from Amazon, and tape it on the front.

Smell Goods: While you might be perfectly happy with good ol’ Ivory soap, most women enjoy those smell good bars. Ever since we discovered Day Three Bath and Body my wife uses nothing else. Give them a try they are all natural and do smell nice.

A Day of Shopping: Does your wife love to shop? Gift cards are often looked at as the gift without thought. However, if you spend time planning an event for your wife they can be a good option. Schedule her a day of shopping with Gift Card to her favorite stores, a plan for the you and the kids for the day, and even a place for her to get lunch.

Make Her Smile

Christmas is a great time to do something special for your marriage. Give one of these gifts a try:

Mirror Markers: These special Mirror Markers can write on any mirror, and will wipe off cleanly. You can use them to leave each other love notes on your bathroom mirror.

Marriage Book: Grace Filled Marriage: This is simply the best marriage book I’ve read in a very long time! Looking to grow together? Buy Grace Filled Marriage, Tim Kimmel’s new book and you don’t allow it to collect dust. You won’t regret it!

Make Her Laugh

We don’t laugh often enough in our marriages. Laughter and having fun together is so important. Check out these ideas to reignite some fun into your marriage.

Cell Phone Jail: Does your wife complain that you spend too much time on your smart phone rather than with her? Give her the gift of time and a good laugh with this awesome Cell Phone Lock-Up!

Date Night The Movie: Married with Kids? Then you will laugh till your sides hurt watching Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, There are a few less appropriate scenes, but overall it has a good message and is really funny!

Nerf War: These are not just for kids! Get your wife a Pink Nerf Dart Gun, and make sure arm yourself with one as well. Then declare a Nerf war!

Say I Love You

You can never say “I love you” enough. Figure out a special way to say it again this Christmas. Here are just a few ideas:

Love Journal: If actions are worth a thousand words, then writing beats them both. Get your wife a Mr.& Mrs. Journal that you will use to leave her special love notes, appreciations, or words of encouragement. Just make sure you give it to her with a few special words already started!

Plan Ahead: Too Often we think of tangible gifts for Christmas, but don’t overlook the opportunity to give your wife an event. Plan a weekend get-away or vacation for sometime in the future. Wrap up a card with your destination and itinerary! I’m sure she will love it!

Candles: There is something about candles burning that sets a romantic mood. Stock her up on with her favorite sent, or consider something like this Wall Hanging Candle Holder for your bedroom.

Bonus Idea:

We’ve partnered with House on the Rock Family Ministries to host a weekend couples retreat this spring. We are looking forward to getting to know and growing with a small group of couples in a beautiful intimate setting. Join us Friday, March 21, 2014 till – Sunday, March 23, 2014 at West Ridge Manor in Elizabethtown, PA. Find out more or order tickets here: A Weekend with One Flesh Marriage

Need more ideas? Check out my 2012 Guy’s Gift Guide to Wow Your Wife, where I use each of the 5 love languages to suggest great ideas.

Are you already done your shopping? Drop the rest of us some hints in the comments!

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2 Responses to Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife – 2013

  1. Oh, this is an awesome list! I especially like the idea of digital book gift with a tangible representation to unwrap. (so creative – yet do-able!)

  2. Total agree with those suggestions. Christmas is best time to express love to your wife. Depend on your wife interests, you should choose a gift that she likes.