10 Day Challenge – 2014

Brad and Kate say…

We are only days away from what is arguably one of the best times of the year! The One Flesh Marriage annual 10 Day Sex Challenge! We challenge all OFM readers to knock the roof off the sexual intimacy in your marriage! Join us for 10 days of amazing marriage growing intimacy!
Were taking the 10 day challenge

What is the 10 Day Challenge?

We challenge you to have sex with your spouse every day for the 10 days before Valentine’s day. February 5th through February 14th!

Why in the WORLD should we do the 10 Day Challenge?

If you still need convincing check out this video we taped for Fan the Flame Dates: The Top 10 Reasons to Try the 10 Day Challenge!

Need help convincing your spouse?

Guys check out: Choose Your Path to the 10 Day Challenge, to see if this challenge is right for you and to get ideas on how to get your wife excited!

Ladies check out: 10 Ways to Get Your Husband Excited about the 10 Day Challenge, for ideas on how to present this to your hubby!Β [fergcorp_cdt]Β Be sure to check back every day because we will have 10 days of tips and ideas and some really awesome giveaways and prizes too!

Are you in? Let us know in the comments! And if you dare share the picture and status “We’re taking the 10 Day Challenge” on Facebook!!


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79 Responses to 10 Day Challenge – 2014

  1. This would certainly be a challenge for us. Prayers
    by/and for both of us will be needed for participation.

    • Absolutely! We will be praying for you and everyone who takes the challenge. Remember it is more about re-prioritizing time together and being intentional about intimacy that truly matters! πŸ™‚ Kate

  2. After church sermon this morning and discusion at home about various intimacy issues; we are taking the challenge. Please continue prayers.

  3. I am taking the challenge with my husband; I will definitely need prayers as I work 5 days a week, 12 hours a day

  4. We are doing this challenge. Wife and I are going to start early because the wife’s time of the month will be at the middle to end of the challenge. We just decided to start beginning of next week to bypass her time. We have done the challenge before and can not wait to do it again.

    • Good plan, James! We have had to re-arrange the 10 days as well at times because we always have it the same 10 days. Sometimes things like that can get in the way. Blessings to you! Kate

      • We are planning on coming to your marriage retreat in March. We have our tickets and our room bought. We will see you there. Can not wait to come.

        • That is so awesome, James! We are always excited and blessed when we get to meet our OFM readers. Looking forward to spending the weekend with you and your lovely wife! Blessings, Kate

  5. We’ve tried the 10 Day Chalkenge before but weren’t successful. We were struggling in many areas then. Things are better now. I would love to try this again. Hopefully my hubby will want to give it a try again.

    • Hi Ebony! Thanks for writing and sharing. I am praising God with you that things are better in your marriage now! If you give it another try, remember that it is not about making the whole 10 days as much as it is about re-prioritizing sex and intimacy in your marriage. If you grow in your marriage and intimacy, then that is what truly matters! Blessings, Kate

  6. My husband and I did this challenge last year and we’re so glad we did. I think back on it with lots of smiles and laughter too. We can’t wait to do it again this year =) No matter where you are in your marriage with intimacy issues, this is a great challenge for you to help strengthen your marriage or make a strong marriage even stronger. Have fun!

  7. Carmon and I are in; married 32 yrs. and this is our best year ever! We’ve both posted links on FB too.

        • Steve,
          I have to say you are an awesome dad! I really hope to one day have the kind of relationship with my kids where I can encourage their healthy sexual intimacy with their spouses! That’s awesome!

    • I love that man! ^ Thanks for the idea, and I’m hoping our married children will participate, too. At least they “liked” our Facebook posts ;-).

  8. Heard about this from Carmon…and we’re definitely ‘in’. Great idea. We’re looking forward to it already. πŸ˜‰

    • So glad to have you KarenE! Thanks Carmon for spreading the word! Cannot wait to see how God is going to move this year during the 10 Day Challenge! Blessings, Kate

  9. We are in again this year! I think I will tell him about the challenge AFTER the 10 days and see what his reaction will be! πŸ™‚

  10. Ha! I wish my husband would do this. He only wants sex once every 3-6 months. Married only 2 years. πŸ™

    • Ashley, I’m sorry to hear that and I’ll be praying for you guys. If you need encouragement and advice on how to deal with that, I’d strongly encourage you to read this Christian lady’s blog and maybe some of her books. She has wonderful, practical, down to earth advice on how to work through that issue. http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com

  11. My husband and I will be married for two years this May, and we just had our first baby four months ago. We’ll be taking the ten day challenge, and we shared the link on Facebook to hopefully encourage others.

  12. Yes! We’re in from Holland! We’ll be joining the challenge for the first time in our 14 year marriage. We are looking forward to it! Perhaps we’ll need some practice for now πŸ˜‰

  13. We started our 10 day challenge last night and will go 10 days from now. We have to start now due to wife’s time. It was an awesome time together and can not wait to go at it again tonight…:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. This morning I had my hubby watch the video. He looked at me and said, “It’s going to be like any other ten days of the year.” We both are high drives. We are going to do this for sure!

    Great blog!

  15. We love this “challenge.” We did it last year too,..and pretty much every week since then. We have a 9 month old and I’m 27 weeks pregnant. I saw your comment about being careful or you might end up with kids a year apart..yup, it’s true! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Nicole! We have had other share about having 10 Day Challenge babies! πŸ™‚ So glad you are joining us again! Blessings, Kate

  16. We started a 10 challenge awhile back but I got sick. πŸ™
    We’re in….and GOING TO make it 10 (or more).

    • Hi Shayla! We have all been there. No worries! Hopefully this year you all will be healthy! Happy to have you join us! Blessings, Kate

    • Goose,
      We will have some similar ideas and some different ones. Of course you don’t have to follow our ideas, but be sure to check in for some awesome giveaways too! It all starts Feb. 5th!

  17. I discussed this with my husband and we are going to take part in the challenge. We have been married for two years (Sept.4th) and are excited to try this!

  18. Like I said before we had to start ours early due to wife’s time… We are on day 8 today and we are rocking it big time.. It is AWESOME.. We are in our 40’s and have been married 20 years and it is so hot. WOW We have done this before with great success. We do have an already very active sex life.. I heard my wife telling another couple at our church about the challenge and how fun it is..

  19. We found the 10 Day Challenge last year/ mid year. We did the challenge on our own anyway and it was incredibly good for our marriage. We are back on board with you this year too and we’re looking forward to it!

  20. We r going to take the challenge. Will be a struggle but I know we can do it with prayer and encouragement

    • Prayer is the right place to start Matt & Kim! πŸ™‚ The 10 Day Challenge does an awesome job of growing intimacy in all areas! We are going to be giving suggested Scripture readings to do together too! Make time to read and pray together and see what happens!!!!

    • I’m so glad you are taking the chance! Sex doesn’t solve everything, but it is amazing the things you can learn when you make time to be with each other for 10 days in a row! Make sure to check in every day for some fun tips, great Scripture readings suggestions, and even some great giveaways!

  21. We’re in! (My husband doesn’t know it yet, but I can confidently speak for him! ;D) It will be a huge time challenge, but I know it will increase our intimacy, so I am looking forward to it! I am off to go make an early Valentine’s card to give him his 10-day Gift… πŸ™‚

  22. I think my husband and I may be THE ONLY ones this challenge wouldn’t work for. We have done similar challenges before and get through a week, and both realize it makes us worse in many ways than better. After a few days it just feels like work for both of us and after hour long sessions and no orgasams from either side, we are more exhausted and frustrated and edgier than before we started. Perhaps since we have more the same libido and once a week is our little niche, the time apart makes us more crazy and into each other than more time together. Sounds completely backwards I know. Taking my husbands lead, I have always asked him if he is satisfied with our sex life to which he replies, extremely. We are great when we come together, just maybe not more than our limit or with anything planned.
    Maybe it’s one of those things, you just don’t mess with a good thing and we have a great thing going on now πŸ™‚ anyway good luck to everyone else!

    • McKenna,
      I’m glad that you are open enough to talk about these issues. The key is to know what works for both of you! You are right that sometimes it does make it more difficult. That can be part of the challenge, not to lead to frustration, but to help couples communicate together. I am glad that you both feel like you have a good thing going! Keep communicating and keep growing!

  23. After 40 years of marriage that is. Who said sex is dead after 60 or 65. We are in!!! And we will do it! Thanks for the challenge. B & L

  24. We just finished up the 10 day challenge. Like I said before we had to start early due to the wife’s time starting. Last night was awesome. It was the grand finale and it was GREAT. We finished strong and It rocked last night.

  25. I just found this website and I love it! I am so awed to see others have encouraged married couples to engage in this 10 day challenge. My husband and I set up a challenge of our own last year, 365 days of sex. Last night was day 552! We took this journey to just have fun at first, but it soon became a world of its own. We learned just how connected intimacy is to every aspect of a married couple. Sex, we found, was the vehicle to drive us closer to each other in other non-sexual ways.

  26. We have taken this challenge and bumped it up a notch! We are OVER 800 days in a row of intimacy…Been a fun ride…I wonder how long we will keep going.