Marriage Operating System

I saw this online and had to share it! Too funny, but the Tech Support’s advice isn’t the best. What advice would you give? Leave it in a comment!

marriage opperating system(c) we didn’t write this one, but didn’t know who to give credit to….


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One Response to Marriage Operating System

  1. Sadly this is true. I know a lot of men make the down grade themselves. They think once married, it is the wife’s job to do everything. A lot of women I know are doing a hard drive wipe-out to get rid of husband.01. It seems to be the only cure.

    This article seemed full of advise for the woman on how to change and what she must do. But how about putting the responsibility back where it belongs. If the man presented himself as such a good ‘boyfriend5.0’ then obviously he wasn’t really. He was just a liar and a fraud. He deceived the woman in to marriage.