Christmas Gift Guide to Wow Your Wife – 2014 edition

Brad says…

neigeIt’s that time again! The time of year when men’s thoughts turn to Christmas sex only to remember that they need to pick out that perfect Christmas present first.

The art of picking the perfect Christmas present for your wife is always a challenge. It has to be something practical enough that she will actually use it, but not so practical that you get in trouble for it. (No a new really nice Vacuum Cleaner is not a good gift idea).

Gift Tip #1 – Stop and Think

The most important thing you can do to ensure you pick the perfect Christmas gift for your wife is just stop and think. Think about her, think about her likes, her interests what she has and what she doesn’t.

Here is a clue guys, if you can show her your gift had “thought” behind it, even if you totally miss, you will still get credit for trying.

As you are thinking, here are a few great ideas all designed to show your wife that you love her!

Give Words

Most women love words, but most men don’t use them as frequently as our wives would desire. This christmas think about getting some words for the two of you to share.

The Love: Magnetic Poetry Kit is a great way to share these words, and heck they come in a box all ready for you to use! Want to spice it up? Add the Sexual Innuendo Kit-Magnetic Poetry too!

Wall Words are another great idea is give the gift of words to put around your house! Writing God’s word on your walls is a great way to refocus each of you in good days and bad!

Give Memories

When was the last time that you had your picture taken with your wife? No, not that goofy picture she took on your last vacation. A real nice shot of the two of you? Want to really wow her?

Find a local photographer and get a gift certificate for a couple’s photo shoot. Then give her a great frame to wrap up under the tree.

Give Events

Many couples tell us that they have given up on gifts because they have everything they need. That might be true, but it doesn’t mean that you give up on showing your wife you are thinking of her! Activities, date nights, and events can all make great gifts! As an added bonus they are really easy to shop for!

Check out Amazon Local for some really great deals in your area.

I found restaurants, outings, classes, even a service that will come and clean your house. I think your wife might just fall over if you gave 4 hours of house cleaning for Christmas!

Give Fun

Life is serious, so make holidays fun! Give her something that will be fun for the two of you! You can go for fun and sexy, like Massage Oil Candles. Or you can go for the hisand her’s Nerf blaster archery set. I promise you two will be giggling like newlyweds when the foam arrows are flying around.

Give Heat!

I know many of you have been waiting for me to get around to this topic. But this isn’t that kind of heat, well not totally. My wife will quickly telly anyone that one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever given her was a Heated Blanket. She gets cold quickly, and absolutely loves her nice warm bed.

So while this idea might not be exactly about sex, for many women there is a direct link between feeling warm and feeling sexual desire. So maybe this will be the right gift to warm up your bed sheets in many ways.


I hope that gives you guys some great ideas! Remember spend a bit of time and think and you will be sure to pick out the perfect gift! Then be sure to come back here and share in the comments so that we can all get some great ideas! Looking for more ideas? Check out our previous year’s guides: One Flesh Marriage Christmas Gift Guides

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11 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide to Wow Your Wife – 2014 edition

  1. My poor husband. I hate gifts, and I would hate most of these ideas. First, because these are your ideas and not his. Secondly, because in my experience, gifts cause nothing but hurt feelings. He will ask me what I want. Well I’m not going to tell him. Who begs for gifts? My parents taught me you do NOT ask for gifts, nor expect them, it is considered rude.

    I hate photos of myself, so that’s out. I do NOT like nor believe flowery words, so that’s out. I’m not pretty enough or fashionable enough to pull off nice jewelry, so that’s out.I guess the way I feel is, a gift should be something someone wants to give you – not something you ask for. Every year my husband will feel guilty that he doesn’t have a gift for me, so he’ll go out and buy something stupid like a coat I don’t like, or slippers or something. And then I have to act all like – oh thank you so much (because I don’t want to hurt him) – when I know he just grabbed whatever he could find so he didn’t feel guilty. And it’s usually too big, which tells me more than words what he must think of me. (He usually shops on Christmas Eve). To be honest, if someone doesn’t want to give me anything, that is totally fine. I’d rather be given nothing than a guilt gift. If my husband truly felt I was worth a gift, he’d put more thought into it.

    Sometimes I’d just like a simple dinner out with him. But I won’t ask for it, and he won’t ask anyone to watch the kids. I’d have to arrange the whole thing. Well then it’s not a gift. He bought me a cute dress about three years ago and said I could wear it to a fancy steakhouse in the city that he wanted to take me to. The dress is still hanging in my closet with the tags on it.

    So I hate the gift giving part of holidays. When you’re not a gift worthy person, the whole experience is painful. And when your husband lies and tells you he wants to make you happy and then gives you slippers, well, that just confirms what you already knew.

    Guess what my sister’s husband gave her for her 40th birthday? A surprise group dinner at her favorite restaurant with her friends and family. Guess what I’ll probably get. Slippers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the price of the gift, I’d take a small dinner alone. But I’m not asking and its not gonna happen. If he loved me as much as he claims he does, he’d figure it out.

    • Healing,
      Your love language is clearly Quality Time!

      Guys, if you can take one thing from this comment it would be to really think about your wife FIRST. Know her love language and shop accordingly. If your wife’s love language is time like Healing’s is, then you need to think about events, date nights, coupon books and things like that!

      Healing, I will say you hit on one pet-pieve of mine, you tell him not to get you anything, but then get mad when he listens to you. He will not and can not read your mind. Especially when you make nice when he gets you something you don’t like. How is he to know you don’t like the slippers unless you communicate???? You did not marry a mind reader! Don’t expect him to be one!

      • Hi Brad,

        Maybe it’s the difference between men and women. I feel like if he wanted to get me a present he would just do it. If he has to ask, it takes away from the gift. The few times I have said anything, he usually gets it wrong. Wrong size, wrong color, wrong brand. I know better than to complain and hurt his feelings, but why even ask if he’s not listening? And again, I don’t think gifts should have to be asked for. They should come from the heart, or they are worthless. Material things should not be so important anyway, and this is one reason why. It does nothing but cause hurt feelings.
        I’m not going to tell him I don’t like something, because I was taught to accept gifts graciously, even if you already have it or hate it. What man wants to hear “oh honey you got this wrong, I don’t even want this.” I’m sure he’ll catch on. If he loves me and cares about my happiness like he says he does, he will eventually figure it out.

        I am the only woman in our house. Last year I tried asking for something incredibly simple, we are talking like five bucks. I even showed it to my teen sons and asked them to show their dad. Guess what. They didn’t. Mom isn’t important. And when I was like “guys, really? You forgot?” Everyone got all upset and started blaming each other. Stupid, over a five buck stupid gift that they felt I didn’t deserve anyway. So, no, I’m not going to put myself out there and ask for various reasons. If my husband can’t figure out that I don’t really want nothing when I say “nothing” then he’s not as in tune to me as he likes to think he is. Some people are gift worthy, others are not. Some husbands think their wives are special, some don’t. I get it. That’s why some women get lots of wonderful gifts, even something as simple as a bouquet of flowers, from their husbands – WITHOUT having to ask. It’s because those wives matter to their husbands, and because their husbands actually think about them once in a while.

        I’ll be 40 in a couple weeks and I expect to get nothing. Perhaps a card. Low expectations make the disappointment easier to bear. Now they just have to learn to stop asking me what’s wrong when I don’t seem thrilled that I’m not worth more than a card filled with stupid flowery words that mean nothing, written by someone else.

        Thanks for listening!

      • I apologize for getting you all so upset. That wasn’t my intention, and I wasn’t trying to critique your blog post. It just hit a nerve, and I vented.

        It’s a great post for people who actually enjoy buying gifts for their wives.

        Thank you for your understanding, and have a great holiday!

        • You really did not upset us, Healing! I just wanted to express how much Brad’s intention was to in fact challenge husbands to know their wives in a way that they would know what would bless them most. And you are right that this should not only happen at Christmas. We wives need to also keep that in mind. Giving your spouse something (whatever blesses them-time, time away, a surprise gift) when they are not expecting it, is going to be a huge blessings. I appreciate you sharing your heart and where you are now! I am lifting you up right now! Blessings, Kate

  2. On my last birthday, a gift arrived from one of my best friends. When she had last visited my house, I’d made an offhand comment about needing to organize my jewelry better. To me, it was a throwaway line, one of those “someday I will” things. Well, lo and behold, she gave me a jewelry organizer — one that took into account where I was storing my stuff already. And I adored it! I doubt it cost her a ton of money, but I had an Aha! moment with that. I felt so valued by her, because she listened and remembered.

    My favorite gifts from my husband haven’t been the biggest or most expensive, but those that consider who I am, what I desire, and that he pays attention to me. They make me feel like he’s listened and remembered.

    Great suggestions here. Thanks!

    • Thank you, J, for that example. THAT is exactly what I’m talking about. You didn’t have to ask or beg to be remembered. Your husband makes you happy because he thinks about you, pays attention to you, and cares about you. When a husband truly loves his wife and isn’t just trying to do what he’s “supposed” to, he would give a gift from his heart. She shouldn’t have to ask. I so long for my husband to love me like that one day. He tells me he loves me over and over and it means very little to me. Because I long for him to actually ACT like he loves me, and not just give me lip service – and slippers.

      • Hi Healing,

        I hear what you are saying and appreciate our dear friend J’s thoughts so much. What J shared is exactly what Brad’s point was in this post. It is not about the present, it is about knowing your wife and giving to her. Whether that is in a actual gift or a gift of time or acts of service. The point is to be intentional and know your wife. We have written our gift guides from many different directions and it always comes back to that. Know your wife or husband (with my post), be intentional and bless them. Not because you have to, but because you love them, cherish them and want to bless them. My hubby knows there are very few gifts I like or even want. But he knows me so well that he blesses me with those things every once in a while.

        Sometimes it feels more appreciated when it is not at Christmas, not expected. I totally get that. But if your family does do gifts, it is a good thing when your kids see their dad, giving to their mom and the other way around. Even if he gives her a card that says, we are going on a date. It shows that he knows her and cherishes her.

        I hope that sheds a little more light on why we do the gift guides every year. Each year we include different items that are neat or just funny. But we are not trying to get you to buy things, but to think about what would bless your spouse. J’s new devotional is on my gift guide that was posted last night.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Healing. Blessings, Kate

  3. Healing,
    I know so well how you feel. So many times I have wished that my wife would show just a little love for me; somewhat like she says she does!