Marriage Matters

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Marriage matters. It is obvious in everything we write on One Flesh Marriage that Kate and I believe that. However many churches across the country struggle to say the same thing.

Yes, they may say the words “marriage matters”, but do they mean it? Can you tell from their programming that marriage matters to them?

In many churches the marriage ministry consists of pre-wedding (I don’t want to call it premarital, because many times it is more about planning a wedding day rather than planning a marriage) or Divorce Care. mmconf2015

I am writing this from 30,000 feet in the air on our way to Dallas Texas for the 2015 Marriage Ministry Conference at Watermark Community Church. We are very excited to meet with a group of other pastors and church leaders who agree that marriage matters.

They get the fact that marriages touch every area of ministry in the church. From the main pulpit to the kids ministry, all of them are impacted by marriages.

When there are challenges in the marriages of the pastors who lead the ministries or the volunteers who help it will impact those ministries. Even the kids who participate are impacted by their parents marriages (or lack there of).

Healthier marriages mean healthier ministries across the church. So what is the church doing about it?

(To read more about marriage ministry in the church check out: Marriage Friendly Church; or The Marriage Pastor)

Let’s Talk!

Over the next three days Kate and I will be live tweeting, and blogging from the conference. We will be giving you a ring side seat to hear what where some really excellent marriage innovators including Shannon Ethridge, Gary Thomas, Ted Cunningham, Ted Lowe, Francis Chan, John McGee and other are presenting on how to develop relevant marriage ministries in the church.

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What does your church do to support and encourage healthy marriages?

Let us know in the comments! Are you at the conference too?

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