#MMConf15 Re-Cap & Giveaway

Brad and Kate say . . .

If you gain nothing else from our time at the Marriage Ministry Conference 2015, get this . . .

It’s all about pointing them to Jesus!

Yes, marriage ministry means getting into the nitty-gritty of life and marriage and sometimes we get bogged down with tips and techniques to help.

Yet, help and hope are in three things-God’s word-God’s people-God’s Spirit.-The church better be, should be, MUST

Our marriage changed only because we were open to the refinement Jesus wanted to do in us.

So I have two questions for you . . .

1. Is your church reaching out to married couples?  Do they have a place in your church to come for encouragement, hope and healing? If not, why?

2. Are you pointing them to Jesus and challenging their relationship with Him, while you are working on their marriage?


Quotes from Day 2!

5. “It never pays to pursue pleasures outside of its purposes!” (in regard to sex outside of marriage) Johnathan Pokluda

4. “Step families done well are redemptive!”  Ron Deal

3. “What if church was seen as the place you go if you want to learn how to have an awesome sex life?” Shannon Ethridge

2. “Is there a point to your marriage?”  Francis Chan

1. “Don’t assume leaders marriages are fine-ask them!”  Francis Chan


We had such a great week at Watermark Community Church with our team from the Worship Center.  It was a blessing to learn with our team and to tweet and share on OFM as well.  If you want to check out the conference we were just at here is all you need, Marriage Ministry Conference 2015 and if you want to check re|engage, the marriage ministry we are doing at our church, visit marriagehelp.org


We have two amazing books to give away.

Gary Thomas’ A Lifelong Love

Ted Cunninham’s Fun Loving You

We will pick the winners on Tuesday, April 28th!

Ways to enter:

Leave a comment below telling us of about your churches marriage ministry, or your favorite takeaway from our time at the #MMConf15

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Marriage ministry . . . It’s all about pointing them to Jesus while walking along side of them!!!


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9 Responses to #MMConf15 Re-Cap & Giveaway

  1. I loved this takeaway you shared from the first day: The church better be, should be, MUST be about restoring marriages. – Scott Kedersha

    I fear we’ve become more comfortable in preparing to console people experiencing divorce than we are in working with them to fight for their marriage.

  2. I love this quote! But I would go further and say that the church needs to be about building up marriages (before they need to be restored).
    Our church uses a ministry called Married for Life that has been transformational.

  3. While our church has separate ministries for men and women, we do not have one for couples/marriages

  4. My wife and I completed a 2 month marriage class last year at our church. It was great to discuss marriage relations with other couples. Our church offers these classes about 4 or 5 times a year.

  5. I am the de facto marriage ministry at my church. I write an article on marriage monthly for our newsletter, and try and run 2 or 3 couples’ studies per year. I am always looking for inspiration and resources, and count this blog among my ‘go-to’ sites for both! Thanks for all you do.

  6. Our church really didn’t have a marriage ministry to speak of. After reading this and some other good blogs on the subject, my wife and I became convinced that we needed to start one. It began with a class for couples only and the reception was overwhelming. It is clear that many in our churches long for a healthy and safe place to ask questions, share struggles, and proclaim victories in this area of life. The church is ideally suited to fill that need. I loved your quote earlier about the church needing to be the university and hospital for marriages. If we do the first better, perhaps we will need to do the second less…

    • Absolutely Tim! Kate and I started much the same way. We felt convicted that we shouldn’t just be talking online, but needed to be doing something in our church. After leading a few classes, we started the search for who was doing really awesome marriage ministry in the church. Since that time we have been using re|engage. An awesome marriage program that we highly recommend! You can find out about it, and see some awesome life changing stories at http://www.marriagehelp.org

  7. I can’t say I know of much of a marriage ministry in my Church 🙁 that would be good though 🙂