My Husband, My Jesus

Kate says . . .

My amazing Jesus. He knows my inner most thoughts and fears. He knows where I struggle and where I thrive. He loves me when I am good and when I not. His devotion is unending, even when I am not deserving of it.

When I am angry and throw nasty words, he comforts me and anticipates my needs. He provides for my every need. Those arms are always there, just when I need them. So strong, so sure, never questioning-just acting. That is my Jesus!My Husband, my Jesus . . .

But you know what? For way too long in the beginning of our marriage, that list above . . . is what I wanted and sought from my hubby.

I wanted Brad to be able to anticipate my every need and mood. To love me no matter what. To be my everything. Yes, I still believed in Jesus and loved him greatly, but I got mixed up and put things on Brad that only my Jesus can be and do for me.

Have you ever found yourself doing the same thing?

Here are few things to remember:

Go to God

Just recently Brad and I had a wonderful experience and came out of it on a spiritual high. Right afterwards, we were separated for two days. During those two days, I felt the enemy attacking me, trying to bring me down from the high and disorient me so all that we learned would be null and void.

My immediate reaction was to seek out Brad to talk to him about it. He is my go to guy with all things in life and I love it! But this was a good reminder that the ONLY person who can be that for me ALL the time is Jesus!

Your Hubby is Human

He is amazing, sexy, an awesome provider, a great listener and very compassionate; yet he is still not my God. He is human and he is going to fail me at times.

Whether intentionally or not, it will happen, just as I will fail him at times as well. There will be times he tried really hard and still misses the mark. He cannot be my everything, even if he is THE best gift this side of heaven.

I would challenge you to think about the “expectations” you put on your husband that are things only God can do for you. While God is molding and shaping us, we will always be a work in progress.

Build Him Up!

While you are seeking to turn to God and trust him more, find more times this week that you can encourage and build up your hubby. He needs it. He really does care what you think and wants to be your hero. Though he can never be your God, he wants to be your Superman!

Find time each day to encourage and uplift him. Why you might ask? Well how do you feel when he does the same to you? Exactly!

I lean on Brad a great deal. He is such a source of love, compassion, passion and wisdom in my life-that is all a very good thing. Although I have become aware of this pitfall in my marriage now, there are still times I catch myself needing and asking Brad to be something he can’t be in my life.

Have you struggled in this area?

How have you overcome putting things on your husband that only God can do for you?

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3 Responses to My Husband, My Jesus

  1. Well, this throws much light on recent development. When there is this void, hollow, emptiness and you keep reading God’s word and praying and still feel empty, has the husband become the god.

    There happens to be a void and emptiness still not filled with all the spiritual walk and I can’t explain it and it persist.

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