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Celebrating the Physical Side of Sex

Welcome to part 4 of Shannon’s Celebrating Sex series!  Be sure to check out part 1, “Celebrating the Spiritual Side of Sex“, part 2 “Celebrating the Mental Side of Sex” and part 3 “Celebrating the Emotional Side of Sex

Shannon Ethridge says…

How Can We (Re)Discover Each Other’s Sexual Hot Spots?

I hear many couples bemoaning the fact that things just aren’t as “hot” between them since they got married.  They reminisce about their season of dating and how the urge to have sex with each other felt absolutely, positively overwhelming at times.  Yet after the vows are exchanged, the sexual tension disappeared.  They wonder, “Where has the spark gone?  And can we ignite it once again?”

First, we have to accept the fact that marital relationships naturally go through peaks and valleys, ups and downs, and sexual highs and lows.  But when we experience those sexual lows, we don’t have to stay there.  We can return to a season of marital and sexual bliss!

We know, because we recently did just that—accidentally.Young man kissing his wife

When I had a hysterectomy in 2012, my doctor warned me, “No sexual activity for a minimum of six weeks.”  So I braced myself for a l-o-n-g dry spell.  But what we soon noticed is that because we knew we couldn’t have intercourse, we focused a lot more attention on all of the other things that we could do without crossing that line. Continue Reading

But God…

Marriage: Mission Possible Today Paul of The Generous Husband and The Marriage Bed will be sharing his Marriage: Mission Possible . . . If there was only one thing from the story of your marriage that you could share, what would it be? What lesson learned, revelation, heart change or profound moment is a testament to God’s plan… Continue Reading