Blogs We Love

During our journey we have come across several wonderful blogs and resources that we love!  We wanted to find a way to share them with all of our One Flesh Marriage readers!

The Generous Wife: Lori gives daily tips on how to be generous to your husband in all genres of marriage.  She is open and honest about the joys as well as the challenges of marriage and encourages women to be generous.  Kate has come to love her daily faith based tips and encourages all women to sign up for her posts.

The Generous Husband: Paul, the husband to the Generous Wife, writes a daily reminder to husbands to live generously towards our wives.  He offers great tips, ideas, and wonderful challenges from a faith based perspective.  Brad highly recommends that all husbands add this to their morning devotions!  It is a great way to start the day!

Journey to Surrender: Scott is a fellow traveler on the one flesh marriage journey!  He is a committed Christian and writes about marriage from this very important perspective.  We have appreciated his thoughts on many important marriage topics, and have really enjoyed getting to “cyber” know him.

Intimacy in Marriage: This is a wonderful resource discussing very important sexual issues from a Christian woman’s perspective

The Marriage Bed: Another great resource run by the Generous Husband/Wife.  You can find absolutely everything about sex and intimacy in Christian Marriage!

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