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Momma Had A Baby

Brad said… Kate’s post, “Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage” encouraged new moms to remember to keep their husbands a priority even when they bring that new bundle of joy home. I wanted to address the unique realities of the new baby from the dad’s perspective. When Kate first told me she we were pregnant… Continue Reading

Look at My Sacrifice

Brad says. Growing up in the  church I was always taught that sacrifice was a good thing, that is was a model to live up to.  Now that I’m a husband I’m not so sure.  I have a problem with sacrifice.  It isn’t doing it, my problem with sacrifice is what comes after. Don’t trip… Continue Reading

Christmas is Made for Marriage

Brad says… Christmas, at least the American way of celebrating it, has become completely geared towards kids. There are the kids activities, the Christmas concerts, the letters to Santa, not to mention the toy advertisements everywhere you look.  Lets face it, kids at Christmas time are a ton of fun! There is simply nothing like… Continue Reading