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3 Things you need to know about struggling with low desire

Kate says . . . I remember the time clearly, because the mind remembers emotional pain as if it were yesterday. Our minds can forget physical pain, but recall emotional pain almost instantly. I remember because there are current moments where I wonder if I will travel down the same scary broken road. Will I… Continue Reading

What’s Behind This Door for YOU?

Guest Post by Shannon Ethridge, M.A. Imagine 8-10 women of all ages, from all walks of life, gathering together behind this door over a 4-day span with one goal – to sift through their sexual and emotional baggage. Why in the world would they want to do such a thing? Because they’re serious about making sexual integrity… Continue Reading

5 reasons we can’t handle marriage anymore – A Rebuttal

Brad says… Marriage is hard. Anyone who tells you different is selling something. However it isn’t impossible and it isn’t something that is so archaic that we should dismiss it. A friend sent me the article “5 Reasons we can’t handle marriage anymore” by Anthony D’Ambrosio. It had a mix of truth and misconceptions yet reading it… Continue Reading

The Most Misused Bible Verse

Brad says… You might be walking through some hard times right now. Your marriage might be struggling or maybe you are feeling lost in your work, family, or health. If you start to share your frustrations with those around you I guarantee that someone will tell you “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle,” which… Continue Reading