Communication and Listening

Building communication is the first step in building, or re-building your marriage. It is also something that none of us is very good at! Check out these posts for some tips, ideas and hopefully some understanding in how to build your communication skills and improve your marriage.


The Snowball, Superman or the One Man

Every day is not filled with roses and kittens.  Every once in a while we have a day that is filled entirely with thorns and pit bulls. These days happen, they are part of life. How you decide to handle them will have a lasting impact on your marriage.

Communication Curve Ball

As I pondered what Brad had to share about how men handle snowballs coming at them and whether or not they should share that with their wife, I really started to evaluate how I respond to such occasions.

Is Your Wife Elevator Music?

Every second of every day our brains make decisions on what to listen to and what to ignore. Our brains tune out the normal sounds that we hear all the time very well. “No, I don’t need to listen to that elevator music”, “nope I don’t care about the heater fan coming on”, so we hear those sounds but basically ignore them, we don’t listen.

Invisible Man

The art of listening and hearing is a challenge for many marriages. Brad shared in, “Is Your Wife Elevator Music,” that he has struggled at times with being an active listener. Now, we try very hard to turn off all the noise going on around us, so that we can share our lives and hearts with one another. We turn off the TV, I-Phone, computer and even our kiddos!

The Nagging Wife Syndrome

 Every husband has, at one time or another been accused of having selective hearing. Call it tuning out, turning off, or ignoring; it can be very easy to mentally check out and totally miss what is going on around you. What does this have to do with a nagging wife? Actually the two issues are very closely linked.

Thou Shalt Not Nag

I know that some of you didn’t like the word nagging and wife going together in Brad’s last post, The Nagging Wife Syndrome. Yet, if we are honest with ourselves wives-all of us have been there. We have all pushed at times and pushing can very much seem like nagging. So, I’m taking on this bad habit but, remember when I say this that our husband’s have things they struggle with as well. Communication is so important to a marriage and therefore it can be a major stumbling block too.

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