Emotional Intimacy

Society tells us that we are from completely different planets from our spouse, and yet we all desire to share a level of emotional connect like no other relationship. Developing a true emotionally connect marriage is a challenge, but it is possible! These posts talk about ways to learn each others styles, understand how each of you communicate emotions, and raise the level of your emotional intimacy

I Comes After U

I don’t care what my first grade teacher said, she was wrong. Only, I didn’t learn that until several years into our marriage. The one lesson I learned that changed our marriage was to relearn my alphabet, and put U before I.

What Were You Thinking?

Brad and I were out together recently and I observed a wife, chastising her husband like she would a child. I immediately cringed inside, thinking, “wow that must make him feel very small and embarrassed”. At the same time it was a good reminder how we should treat our hubby’s in public and in general.

An Ostrich’s Response to Emotions

Expectations, we all have them. We all want others to meet them. How often do you stop and look at what expectations others have of you? When I read Kate’s, My Husband Is a Greek God post I felt pretty good, for the first paragraph. Don’t worry my puffed up pride took a nose dive hearing all of the expectations that my wife had of me that I wasn’t meeting. Reading Kate’s post the most significant emotion I felt was regret. Regret over how much I have missed, how much I have let selfishness take over. Regret over how much I played ostrich with Kate’s emotions.

Emotional Foreplay

We’ve all heard it, the wife agonizing, “He won’t tell me how he feels.” What’s going on here? Are guys really hiding their emotions? Do they just not have any feelings at all? Or, is there something else that is making it difficult for guys to get naked and show their feelings to their wife?

Emotional Alphabet

It’s True: Women are known to be the emotional ones where men are less concerned on how everything makes him feel. For us ladies, there is nothing more interesting then to share about something emotional and paint the scene with colorful, vivid and deep emotional descriptors. That is how we think and getting those things out of us is important. It is how God made us.

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