Growing Sexually Intimate – Guides for Husbands

Sexual intimacy is an important part of marriage! Many husband’s are searching for ways to help their wife understand their desire for a more sexually intimate marriage. These posts are just a few of my favorite guides to help you grow the sexual intimacy in your marriage.


Sex On The Grill or How To Heat Things Up

Kate’s post, “Defeating Delayed Desire” does a great job raising a very important issue that most women are never taught.  Women do not always feel intense desire for sex before their bodies are aroused.  We see movies and hear stories of women having similar sexual desire as men, and when life doesn’t imitate art in this way, many couples get discouraged. Since reading Kate’s post, I’ve been thinking about how husbands should respond to this new-found knowledge.  What can they do to support wives who normally have delayed sexual desire?

Sexual Assertiveness Training

Guys, is sexual passivity robbing you of great one flesh bonding with your wife? I know that the male stereotype is that they are always asking for sex, and usually the word passive never enters into that image. However, I have a theory that many husbands actually repress their sexual desires for such a long time that they miss opportunities with their wife. In order to actually grow a healthy, connecting, loving, developing sex life in our marriage we need to learn how to turn our sexual repression into sexual uninhibitedness.

Sex: The Art of Asking for More

At One Flesh Marriage we have talked about the importance of sex, the connection within sex, and the joys of sex. Each time that we do, we hear from people who report that their spouses are not interested in sex! The art of asking for more sex is very difficult for many men! The first complication is simply in the asking! Men and communication never go well together. Men have 3 methods to tell their wives that they would like to have sex. These man methods are critical skills that we refine, practice, and perform with precision. At risk of having my “man card” taken I will only share a brief description…

A Story of Zing 1 & Zing 2

Call it spice or variety, sometimes every married couple needs a little bit of oomph put back into their sex life. Doing things a bit different can be fun and exciting. A new outfit, a new position or a new location can help to make hearts beat a bit faster. This is one kind of zing that can be a fun way to build the emotional and sexual intimacy in your marriage.

For Her Pleasure

Husbands need a completely different approach if they are to encourage an unsatisfied wife to try to enjoy sex more. Your wife’s sexual enjoyment is your responsibility. Yes, you heard that right her sexual enjoyment is your responsibility. She plays a role, OF COURSE! But your communication, intentions, techniques, and interactions will have a significant impact on her sexual pleasure.

He’s Lost That Loving Feeling

Most of us are raised to believe that all men want sex all the time! It’s the red-blooded American way right? Well, as it turns out there are quite a few guys who don’t fit this mold. Guys can wrestle with low sex drive. Men can struggle with low sexual desire. Why? What can be done to turn things around?

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