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Sexual intimacy is an important part of marriage! We all know this, but that doesn’t make is easy. Growing sexually intimate is a challenge for all marriages. Here are a few posts that will encourage you to continue to grow together and enjoy the journey!


Sex is the Glue

Its been said, “sex is the glue in our marriage.” I am not talking about the sticky situation that sex literally causes, but the emotional, physical and spiritual glue that sex is. This phrase strikes a chord with many people and yet confuses them at the same time. They want to believe it is true, but they have not experienced sex being the glue in their own marriage. How can sex be the glue when it also seems to be the biggest tension?

But, Its Been Drilled OUT of Me

I have long pondered how, what we were taught about sex as young girls has effected us as wives. This teaching includes what was modeled by our mother and other woman in our lives and of course the media. Though I wish we could all block out the media, because truly it does not matter, I know that is not going to happen. What we are taught and modeled is what we enter marriage with and directly affects how we approach sex and intimacy.

Defeating Delayed Desire

How many of you ladies can remember an occasion where your hubby was hinting at sex and you were thinking, “ I am so not in the mood”? Even so you made an effort and somewhere in the middle you felt a desire and were ALL in the mood. I know that I have been there enough times to remind myself now, that while I may not be in the mood at the moment, if I spend time with my hubby, I often have the desire to be with him.

Sexually Confident Wife

I have recently finished reading one of the most amazing books out there for married women. The Sexually Confident Wife, By Shannon Ethridge. It is in my opinion, a must read for all wives out there. Not only did I learn a few things myself, I was very encouraged to find a book that I kept saying, “Yes, that is so right on!” I want to share with all of the wives about this wonderful book and the concept of being or becoming a sexually confident wife.

The Good Girls’s Guide to Great Sex

Are you a Good Girl? Do you want to be a Good Girl? Author Sheila Gregoire’s take on this is great! We buy into a “Bad Girl” mentality of sex and therefore sell ourselves short as well as our husband. We have ALL done it ladies. We think that sex is shameful, or that only people with amazing bodies have great sex. We allow these lies to shape how we feel about ourselves, about our husband and about sex. Sheila deals with these lies head on!

10 Confessions of Another Sex-Positive Wife

A bunch of women marriage bloggers that I admire very much (all a part of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association) have been sharing true confessions of being a sex positive wife. Julie at Intimacy in Marriage started this revolutionary trend and I just couldn’t resist. I am blessed to call these ladies friends and incredibly blessed to be a sex positive wife. So here is my two cents, let me know if you want change!

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