Husband’s Spiritual Intimacy

It seems that all husbands would like to increase the intimacy in their marriage, but usually they are only thinking sexual intimacy. We challenge you to take a step back, look at these posts on growing the spiritual intimacy in your marriage and then see what happens! Guys when you commit to drawing yourself and your wife closer to God, your marriage becomes stronger! These posts talk about an intimacy that is the most intimate possible in your marriage!

Renegade Husband

Men are in trouble! We have two choices; either we are a strong, yet insensitive, self-centered husband. Or we are a weak, lovie-dovie, cutsie one. The minute I say “a husband should be romantic” we picture this effeminate guy always working to make his wife happy. Yet when I talk about “husband’s leading the family” it is easy to only picture the angry power-hungry husband who doesn’t care at all!

I’m done being tossed between these two extremes, I’m going renegade! I want to walk through the rest of my days on earth with resilient authority, relentless love, and a furious longing to follow God’s heart and will in all areas of my life!

Men’s Guide to Spiritually Lead Your Wife & Family

I’m going to pass on the fluffy stuff and get down to business, the tricky HOW you can lead and guide yourself, your wife and your family in developing their faith and your spiritual intimacy.

True Passion

Couples are caught in the throes of it. People are excused of crimes because of it. For 51 weeks of the year the word passion invokes the idea of reckless abandonment of reason. One week a year we are reminded what the true definition of passion is.

Being One Flesh On Your Knees

Prayer is a conversation with our father. It is our connection. As a history buff I have often thought about how difficult it would have been to have a strong relationship with another person when the only option was writing letters. But if we don’t pray, that is all the relationship we have with our abba father. In my relationship with our father I have discovered three different types of prayer. All are important and happen at different times and ways.

Submission = Responsibility

Kate’s last two posts dealt with the challenging and let’s face it, controversial issue of submission in marriage. I admit, reading Kate’s words in these two posts, “Submission= Freedom! Huh?” and “Handing over the Reins” was a powerful experience for me, why? Because she was openly speaking the guy’s language of love: respect! I don’t care what Aretha Franklin said, RESPECT sings in all men’s hearts! Hearing that my wife feels, I am capable to lead is a huge boost of respect.

And yet, as I read Kate’s words one sentence stopped me cold. “I finally understood God’s heart for me as a wife was to be Brad’s helper and to submit to Brad as the head of our family…”

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